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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Horses


Degenerates: "Our horse is looking good!"
Escalante: "Well, you're not the trainer so your opinion doesn't matter. I can be a fuckwad with any conversational gambit you attempt."
Degenerates: "Our magical horse moment doesn't mean as much without Jerry. I wonder where he is! Just kidding, he's at the poker game, smelling of urine."


Leon: "Hey, Porky. I'm just going for a jog to lose some weight in a somewhat healthier fashion."
Porky Pig: "Oh hey, Leon. I'm just going to jump up your ass for no reason. In this episode, I will work myself up to a hydrophobic rant in every scene for no fucking reason."
Leon: "Okay, well, wipe your drool and I'm going to run away, like I was going to do anyway."


Stands around on the beach at some grody cabana, looking for action. He's smoking four cigarettes and drinking forties out of a million paper bags; he is made of leather and quiet rage.


Dumbledore: "Do you like my yacht? It's the only thing I like, besides constantly talking about Jesus and putting things up butts."
Ace: "So did you hear about my plan to get a controlling interest in Santa Anita, calling attention to the business from the SEC?"
Dumbledore: "[Jesus!]"
Ace: "Because I really think some revenge on everybody, including you, would make up for how yucky it was in jail."
Dumbledore: "[Butts!]"
Ace: "Okay but back on target, if you want to buy into my plan, you have to do it out of the other half, so I maintain my 51%. It's all very interesting."
Dumbledore: "[Jesus!]"
Ace: "I am still not very happy with you. And please don't talk about my nephew, it's still a bit of a sore spot."
Dumbledore: "[Butts! And Jesus!]"


A dude shows Rosie to her room on the track, because apparently they keep a barracks for the jockeys. I never thought about that, but it makes sense. She also gets a mute valet they call Marcel.

Later, Rosie prays Paternosters for a million years while putting on her gear, because that happens on this show every week: The jockeys pray, and they get dressed. I am still no closer to understanding why we have to watch this for ten minutes each week, but maybe if you've never gotten dressed before it would supply you a handy slow-motion tutorial on how exactly to go about doing that.

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