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Last Dance

The recap at the beginning reminds me that Robin Thicke only has one contestant left, and it's the terrible Olivia. If she goes home, will Robin also go home? Because then I am double-rooting for her to leave, although if he goes home, I may have no reason left to hate watch this show. Did you know that in two weeks, the show will go live and America will vote? Will anyone but me and Alan Thicke still be watching the show at that point?

Quddus can't stop shaking his head no while he talks. Now that I've told you that, you can't unsee it. He's negating everything he says. Which, now that I think about it, makes me like him more.

After Jason survived the battle last week, he gets to go first this week. In rehearsals, Kelly and Jason watch his battle performance and Kelly points out all the pitchy parts and they both express surprise that Jason got to stay. But Kelly hopes that the judges respect Jason more as a singer now. He's singing "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones this week. Kelly points out that it's a party song, which means it's a singalong song and not that hard to sing, so he needs to show more movement and be comfortable on stage.

Hmm. Maybe Jason should have been singing upbeat songs all along instead of those ballads, because he's actually pretty good and soulful. And he does move around, and he's learned some moves with the mic. He looks out at the audience much of the time instead of just staring at Kelly. And he sounds good. Put it this way: I think Kelly is a very charismatic performer, and Jason holds his own with her. She doesn't pull focus. Oops, I think Kelly just screwed up. Heh. Just a little blip, nothing big. They kind of lose steam towards the end, but I'm impressed with Jason's improvement in terms of stage presence.

Jennifer says that it was his best performance by far, and while he may be young and inexperienced, that just means he has a lot of room to show growth. John thought it was Jason's most effective vocal performance so far, and sometimes his movements looked natural but sometimes they seemed pre-programmed. Robin agrees that it was Jason's best performance, he's excited to see how Jason grows as the show goes on. So obviously Jason is in first place since he's the only one who's performed so far.

Bridget is up next. She and John discuss what it's like to work a day job and also try to make it in music, since John did that too before he made it big. She's singing "Last Dance" by the late Donna Summer. John worries that they're not being sentimental enough, since the high scorers all seem to eke out some tears in their packages, and he tries to fake a cry. I still like you without the tears, John. I might like you more since you're not trying to manipulate my emotions.

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