24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Benton enters the suture room, trailed by Carter, and introduces them both to the patient waiting there who cut her palm breaking a dish. Benton starts to assess the wound, asking Cut Hand whether she can feel his touch (yes, and ow) and move her fingers ("It's just a cut!" she snaps). Before he can get any further, Wendy opens the door to tell Benton a cop is coming in with a gunshot wound. Benton tells her where to put the cop, and that he'll be there shortly. Benton takes a tray of instruments and briefs Carter: "Now, here's all your stuff. Ask the patient if she's allergic to locals or any drugs. This is lidocaine, but call it 'novocaine' -- they've heard of that." Meanwhile, he's been delivering this entire speech at full volume, about five feet away from Cut Hand, who doesn't hear, because she has that convenient TV Contrivance Deafness. Benton returns to his seat in front of Cut Hand and asks her whether she's allergic to novocaine. Irritably, she informs him, "My teeth are okay." Hee. Benton tells Carter what to do with the wound, concluding, "You have to put on surgical gloves by yourself. You know how to do that, don't you?" Carter shakes his head as he writes on his clipboard, but it sort of looks like he's just saying no to every question Benton asks about his competence, because (a) they're gloves -- whatever, and (b) wouldn't he have had to wear gloves on his dermatology rotation? Benton masks his disgust by grinning at Cut Hand.

Out in the hall, George Clooney grins and looks gorgeous. A passing anonymous nurse hands him a cup of coffee, for which he beamingly thanks her. I think I would give him a cup of my kidney if it meant I'd be on the receiving end of that smile. Damn. Doug runs into his student -- an attractive brunette named Tracy Young -- and introduces himself, telling her, "For the next few days, we're going to be working very closely together." She keeps glancing downward -- as if he had forgotten (or "forgotten") to put his pants on -- as she replies, "Well, not that closely, Dr. Ross, but I'll do my best to help you out. So! If you tell me what to do, I'd like to get started." His smile barely faltering, Doug tells Tracy he was just trying to be friendly. "I've got all the friends I need, thanks!" Tracy snips. "Shall we get started?" Doug, slightly deflated, steers her down the hall. So, since we've established that she's immune to Doug's charms, I guess Tracy's Very Special storyline will be that she's either blind, or gay.

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