24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Lab. Susan works. Then she leaves the room. I don't know.

Desk. Susan rolls up and calls a drug order to Carol. Wendy asks Carol a drug question. Haleh, ditto. Malik asks, on Doug's behalf, something about a PKU card. Carol jargons, "Tell him no; he's going to have to try and get a blue top from the baby." As she looks in a cupboard, Doug saunters up and asks, "Carol, are you sure that you don't have a PKU card tucked away in that special stash of yours?" Carol -- vulnerable, as are we all, to the Clooney charm (except Tracy, poor blind thing) -- smiles, opens a drawer, and pulls out a piece of the paperwork Doug was apparently clamoring for. "I can always count on you," Doug grins, "even if you do prefer football players." "You had your chance," Carol flirts. "I was young! I was a fool!" Doug defends himself. "You're still a fool," Carol replies. "Do you happen to know what is the worst-paying medical specialty?" Doug muses. "Pediatrics?" Carol guesses. "You were right the first time," Doug smirks. Carol and her enormous eyebrows are dismayed. As Carol and Doug stare at each other, wondering What Might Have Been, Haleh barks at her about lasix, and Doug wanders off. Carol glances around shiftily for about ten minutes. CUT.

Carter approaches a glass door and stares through it, screwing up his courage, before opening it and walking through, heartily introducing himself, and asking the begowned patient on the bed what seems to be the problem. The patient -- who is played by Troy "Frank" Evans -- has his right leg stuck out in front of him, and grouses, "What's it look like? I shot myself in the freakin' leg." Carter promises that he'll have Frank all fixed up in no time. Frank grumps, "Yeah, you guys keep saying that." Carter says that, first, they need to start an IV. Frank tells him to make it fast. Carter plays with the IV, squirting Frank in the face with whatever liquid the IV is supposed to be dispensing, and then gets down to business as Frank mutters, "I'll tell you, I wanted to belt her right in the mouth -- I really did." Carter's all, "Uh huh," not paying attention to the rollicking tale of Frank's propensity for domestic abuse. "Then I go and shoot myself in the leg!" Frank marvels. "Well, these things happen," Carter agrees, sort of. Frank guesses that Carter sees "a lot of stuff" working in the ER. Carter plays it off like he's seen it all, and then ties a tourniquet roughly around Frank's upper arm. Frank winces, and Carter apologizes absently. Frank suddenly exclaims, "Look, Doc -- you don't mind my asking, have you done this before?" Carter evasively replies, "Officer, I'd hate to tell you how often I've done this before." Frank is unconvinced. Carter tells him, "You're going to feel a little needle..." "ARGH!" Frank screams, right on cue. Carter feebly chuckles, "Come on, that wasn't that bad!" Frank begs to differ. Carter says he missed the vein and needs to try again. As Carter works, Frank continues offering TMI about his home life: "My wife is not that bad. We don't argue that much. Just once in a while. In this case, it's lucky I didn't kill her, right?" Carter sighs that he missed again and needs to try it one more time, adding, "You have very tough veins." Frank declares, "My wife is a very beautiful woman. I'm not proud of beating up any woman -- even when she's asking for it -- it's just, sometimes...I mean, this case, it's lucky I didn't throw her through the wall, right? Break her neck!" Frank punctuates his speech by clenching the fist of the arm Carter isn't working on, and Carter gasps that he's got it, and orders Frank not to move. Frank complies, looking like he's not even breathing. Carter steps back and congratulates himself, "There you go, Officer! You've got yourself an IV! And everything's going to be fine now!" Frank, still immobile, and icily patient: "Can I move now?" Carter tells him to go ahead, move around (and flaps his arms rather humorously to illustrate the range of motion Frank should feel free to exercise). Carter adds that there isn't any more he can do for Frank, but that personnel will be by soon to take him to X-Ray, and then to surgery. "Surgery?!" Frank demands. Carter tells him not to worry: "The worst is over."

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