24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

In the totally weird-looking Chairs area, Mark rolls up with a chart, barely paying attention, and asks an older woman, "What seems to be the problem, Mrs. O'Rourke?" The woman tells him she isn't Mrs. O'Rourke, so Mark starts bellowing at the entire room, asking whether there's a Mrs. O'Rourke there. No one responds. Um. Seriously, I don't know.

Elsewhere, Tracy comes through a set of doors just in time to hear a kid yelling in Spanish. She runs toward the sound and finds a whole passel of personnel working on a thrashing patient in Trauma Yellow. Susan, in a bloody yellow gown, breaks away from the pack and heads to the hall past Tracy, calling for someone named Tyrone. Tracy asks what the deal is, and Susan says the patient is a crack dealer who took five shots from an Uzi. Tracy gasps that the patient is just a kid, and Susan curtly confirms that he's thirteen. Tyrone enters to help hold Five Shots down while the doctors work on him. Haleh yells at Tracy to call Security. Tracy asks why and Haleh explains, "I think the other gang members may come and try to finish him off." See, she needs to have that explained to her both because it's her first day, and because this is our first episode and we, the viewers at home, haven't already seen a gang member get shot in his or her hospital bed eight billion times. Tracy hits the phone as Benton marches into the fray.

At the desk, Timmy hands Carol a chart and tells her to tell the surgeons that the victim of a motorcycle accident is coming in; the victim wasn't wearing a helmet. Carol saves time later by making her disgusted noises now. As she walks on, she passes Mark, who is standing in front of the desk in a sport jacket, tie, and chinos. Mark faux-casually over-explains that he's "going across the street" for a minute because he promised Jen he'd go to some appointment. Timmy's like, "Whatever, dude." Mark asks him to ask Susan to cover for him. Timmy seriously doesn't care. Mark leaves. As he walks out, Mark crosses through Chairs and glances around thoughtfully at all the evidence of human misery bustling around.

Cut to...exactly the kind of hoity-toity medical office you could have easily pictured after Jen opined that Mark would hate it. Mark steps off the elevator and walks past a woman in a fur coat, like, we got that it was fancy from the marble floor; give us a break already. The office is very orderly and well-appointed and staffed with attractive, polished people. It's a contrast with the County ER, GET IT?! Mark rolls up to the reception desk and says he has an appointment with Dr. Harris.

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