24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

An old lady -- all done up in a pillbox hat and fur coat -- swans up to the desk and dramatically wishes Timmy a "good evening." "How's it going tonight, Mrs. Raskin?" Timmy greets her, amusedly. Mrs. Raskin scenery-chews, "Timmy, I have a problem that requires medical attention." Timmy tells her to go see Mark, pointing him out, and Mrs. Raskin strides over to him, effusively purring, "Dr. Greene! How nice!"

Down the hall, Mark is listening as some doctor guy we don't know tells him a story. Mrs. Raskin steps directly between them to greet Mark, ignoring the other guy completely. Mark kind of starts at her appearance, but Dr. Random continues his story. Mrs. Raskin ignores his ignorance of her and loudly tells Mark, "I require medical attention, Dr. Greene." Mark peers around her to Dr. Random, and tells Dr. Random to give him a minute. Dr. Random nods knowingly and takes off as Mark asks Mrs. Raskin what the problem is. Mrs. Raskin says, "I have this troublesome..." She pulls off her glove and concludes, "Hangnail," proffering it to Mark. He starts to make irritated noises, and she defensively says she thinks it may be infected. Mark tells her that if they treat her hangnail, it'll cost her $180. Mrs. Raskin apparently doesn't care, as she oozes, "Oh, I wish you'd do it for me. You're such a nice young doctor. And I do appreciate your taking the time." This seems like exactly the sort of patient Mark would be treating if he took the job with Harris,'s weird that they're making this point in the ER, which I thought was supposed to be all gritty, and where Mark was supposed to be keeping it real. But anyway. Mark decides to play along; he gets up, offers her his arm, and says they'll "do it in the lab." Not like that. Probably. "The lab? Oh, gracious!" Mrs. Raskin exclaims delightedly.

In the lab, Mrs. Raskin squeals, "I had no idea how complicated it was." Mark confidentially tells Malik, "I'll be excising Mrs. Raskin's hangnail." "I'll stand back," Malik whatevers. Mark pulls out her chair, and Mrs. Raskin observes, "Dr. Greene, you look tired. How've you been?" Mark curtly tells her he's fine. Mrs. Raskin asks after Jen, and whether she's still studying for her bar exams. Mark tells her Jen's exam is next month, and that they don't see each other much. Susan enters and asks if Mark has time for coffee; he says he might in half an hour. Susan smiles and leaves. Mrs. Raskin comments, "She's very cute. She work here at the hospital?" No, Mrs. R. -- the lab coat and stethoscope are for her job at the candy factory. Mrs. Raskin asks Mark whether she'd told him that her sister got remarried. Mark looks like his patience with Mrs. Raskin is running ever thinner, and says she hadn't. Mrs. Raskin giggles, "Well, how long has it been since I've seen you?" Mark deadpans, "Mmmm...just a week or so." Mrs. Raskin just smiles. Mark warns her, "Here we go." Mrs. Raskin chuckles, "Don't make such a fuss." Mark sighs, and snips off the hangnail. Mrs. Raskin moans her thanks, and tells him to "be a good boy, and go home to [his] wife." Mark smiles tightly.

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