24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

A clock at Reception lets us know it's 7 PM. Timmy and Wendy are off; Conni is on. Carol wanders down the hall; Benton starts to ask her something, but she tells him she's off. Haleh, with a handful of charts, briefs Lydia on the cases she'll have to deal with. They pass Carol, who's getting drugs out of a cabinet; Malik comes up behind her and asks for something, but she tells him he'll have to get it from the next shift. Carol grabs her coat, and tells Connie Malik's drug order on her way out. Carol also passes Jerry as Timmy leaves the desk. Yay, Jerry!

Carter works on the foot of a young woman who is crying feebly and clearly trying to draw Carter into a conversation about her crappy life. Carter tries to buck up his little camper by telling her it's a very minor cut -- only three stitches. Cut Foot whines, "It's not the cut, it's the car! I smashed the car!" "Oh," says Carter unhelpfully. Cut Foot continues, "I wasn't supposed to drive it, and I took the keys, and I smashed it up, and it was brand-new! My father loves that car!" Carter tells her it might not be as bad as she thinks. Cut Foot starts enumerating the car's many attractive features, concluding, "Oh, God -- he'll kill me! It was the first new car he ever had!" Carter looks up at her face and loses concentration on her foot. "Ow!" she squeaks accusatorily. Just then, the door opens and a guy comes in calling Cut Foot's name. "Daddy!" she gasps. Mr. Cut Foot sees Carter working on said cut foot and freaks out a little, gathering Cut Foot into a tight hug. Cut Foot clutches him back, and moves her foot away from Carter, who struggles not to hurt her and tells her to hold still. Mr. Cut Foot asks whether she's going to be all right; Carter says she is, and Mr. Cut Foot hugs her harder and sobs with relief. Still in the clinch, Cut Foot says, "I trashed the car!" Mr. Cut Foot says the important thing is that she's okay. Cut Foot sighs, "Oh, Daddy!" And then... "What car?" asks Mr. Cut Foot. Cut Foot's eyes widen in fear. Mr. Cut Foot pulls away and asks, "You mean the Caddy?" Cut Foot stammers. Mr. Cut Foot yelps, "You totalled my new Seville?" Carter makes a very cute "yeesh" face. Mr. Cut Foot stomps into the next room, groaning "God!" every few seconds and punching things. Carter and Cut Foot both wait tensely for his return. After a moment, Mr. Cut Foot reappears, trying to hold it together. Carter quickly returns to his work, trying to act like he wasn't just treating the Cut Foot family saga like his own telenovela. Mr. Cut Foot grits, "It doesn't matter." Cut Foot looks incredulous, so Mr. Cut Foot insists, "It doesn't matter!" Benton comes in to bitch at Carter for having "six in backup," adding -- as Carter gestures helplessly at Cut Foot's injury -- "Look, this is St. Patrick's Day. The worst is yet to come. Let's move!" "Okay!" Carter squeaks. Benton smiles intolerantly at the Cut Foots and leaves. "Who was that idiot?" Mr. Cut Foot asks Carter. Hee.

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