24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

More bustling around. Susan leaves the room, which requires her to brush past the hangdog Doug in the doorway. As the pumping of Carol's stomach draws ever closer, Doug decides it's not appropriate for him to stay, and steps out into the hallway to collect himself, and continue watching the proceedings through the window. Pumping. Watching. Crying. Test-ordering. Mark gets a reading on...something or other. Not liking what he hears, I guess, he asks Blondie whether Carol'd had anything to drink. Blondie says Carol had a scotch. "More than one?" demands Mark. Blondie breaks down and says she might have. Mark notices all the busybodies loitering about and yells at them to get back to work. They seem to ignore him, per usual. Nurse Anonymous does that test (you know the one) on Carol's foot; Carol reacts, which is good. Jargon. Bustling. Standing around. Susan reappears at Mark's side to say that Morgenstern's on his way, and to tell him another of Carol's test results. Mark doesn't like what he hears: "Is that a mistake?" "Repeated twice," Susan tells him. Everyone continues to gawk. Mark finally gets the bright idea of closing the curtain (or rather, delegates that job to Malik), reproachfully yelling at everyone who isn't working on Carol that "this isn't a show." Well, not a good one, anyway. The curtain is pulled, leaving Blondie outside. Doug stares.

Some time later, I guess, Jerry answers the phone at the desk, and then tells a nearby nurse to call Benton: "We got a shotgun wound to the chest coming in." Yeesh.

More hijinx with Dr. X-Ray. He's droning on again as Carter and Benton wait crabbily (Benton, slightly more crabbily than Carter). Long story short: "This is a surgical candidate." Benton takes the films, and he and Dr. X-Ray briefly snark at each other. Whatever.

Susan shines a light in Carol's eye. I can't believe they passed up the opportunity to show us Carol barfing up charcoal and whatever the hell drugs she took; they would never spare us stuff like that now. After a moment, Susan lets Carol's eye fall shut again and asks Lydia, "We got a new barbiturate level yet?" Lydia says it just came back, and hasn't changed since the last test. Susan rubs her eye.

Out in the hall, Mark recites Carol's stats to a tuxedoed Morgenstern. He winds up by telling Morgenstern how they're treating her, but Morgenstern reluctantly asks, "But if she's know the question mark. Should we be trying any of this? At all?" Mark agrees, "It doesn't look hopeful." (And, indeed, Carol was originally not to have survived this episode.) Mark adds, "But I think, for the morale of the unit, we've gotta do everything. I mean, she very popular." On this, Mark turns away from Morgenstern to gaze at Carol's bed. Morgenstern leans back to meet Mark's eye, and comments, "The unit's looking to you, Mark. You set the tone." "Yeah," Mark acknowledges. Too bad for the unit, if they're getting their tone set by Mark, the guy they ignored for twenty minutes while he yelped at them to get back to work. Morgenstern speaks for the group: "She was one of us. We loved her. We worked with her. And now something's happened to her. It makes us feel guilty, it makes us feel angry. It scares the hell out of us. But we take care of her, and then we go on with our jobs." "Yeah," Mark says huskily. "You set the tone, Mark," Morgenstern repeats. "You get the unit through this." "I'm fine," Mark claims. Morgenstern seems to accept this, and walks down the hall toward his rather trampy-looking date, telling Mark to call him if anything happens, "anything at all." As Morgenstern turns to leave, Doug looks up at Mark. They exchange an anxious look, which Mark breaks first; Doug seems to start as soon as he loses eye contact with Mark.

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