24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

A basketball game is playing on the TV in the lounge when Benton strolls in, whistling. He settles down at a table in front of it with his chart and a cup of coffee. Carter meekly enters and glances at the TV. He then looks at Benton, expectantly. Benton looks back at him, but says nothing. Carter raises his eyebrows slightly and rocks on his heels, as if to say, "So that's how it's going to be." Yes, Carter, Benton is a bitch, like everyone else who works at this hospital is now, and like you'll be in juuuuust a few years. Carter glances back at the TV and then jerks a thumb at it, asking Benton what the score is. "DePaul is down," Benton tells him curtly, before conciliating, "You okay?" Carter firmly says that he is. Benton mutters, "Good. Don't worry about what happened out there. Just don't make a habit of it." Carter smiles, "Okay." He wanders out, looking either amused or relieved. Once he's gone, Benton smiles and sort of snorts to himself.

Carol's still unconscious, and connected to a bunch of machines. Doug holds a vigil several feet away from her bedside -- close enough to see if anything happens, but not so close as to be inappropriate. After a moment, he turns away from her. Oh, Doug. Would that I could make you feel better. Like, say, by Frenching you. Unfortunately, I'm married, and you're fictional.

Elsewhere, Susan is briefing a besuited lady (the nursing supervisor, I would guess) about Carol's condition: "She's been on dialysis for three hours. She's still comatose and unresponsive. She must have taken short-acting agents. She knew exactly what she was doing." Suit Lady asks whether Carol's family has been notified; Susan's not sure, but she thinks so. Suit Lady asks whether Carol is fully covered on "hospital policy"; she is, as far as Susan knows. Suit Lady asks whether anyone's spoken to the press office. Susan shoots Suit Lady a look like she just took a dump in Susan's handbag, and Suit Lady scoffs, "Let's face it, this is bad publicity. Some damn TV network will get a hold of it and try to make a sentimental movie about her." Huh, I'm kind of surprised that "sentimental" -- used in a context that negative -- actually made it past the censors on a Steven Spielberg production. Susan has no comment, so Suit Lady asks whether anyone knows why Carol "did it." Susan says, "No one has any idea. Her fiancé didn't know anything either. Supposed to get married in June." Oh, yes. Yes -- they are "supposed to." Jeepers, I sure hope nothing goes wrong there, either. Suit Lady leaves. Susan stands by, looking dopey.

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