24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Later, Mark is asking Liz, "You're a college student?" Liz is: "Sacred Heart." Mark spreads some kind of lotion on Liz's thighs as Lydia watches, to make sure (as the law mandates) that Mark doesn't behave inappropriately -- but of course he won't, because if he did, he might be the slightest bit unpredictable or interesting, and we know he isn't either of those things. Mark asks how Liz injured herself, and she says she was pouring hot water into the sink and it splashed onto her legs. Mark assures her that the burn isn't bad, and that she won't scar from it. He stares just a tiny bit too long at her naked, vulnerable thighs. "It's very sensitive skin," Liz come-ons. Mark noncommittally agrees. "Your touch is nice," Liz adds. Ew, Liz, listen to what you are saying. Mark blusters that the medication will make her feel a lot better. "Your fingers are very long," Liz observes, not subtly. Mark mm-hmms. "Long, and strong," Liz drawls. Mark makes a herculean effort not to react to her. Cut back to the over-Lydia's-shoulder shot to make sure we remember that Lydia is there as Liz volleys, "I wanted to change first, and put on some new underpants. I knew you'd be seeing my underpants. And touching them." Lydia makes one of her awesome disgusted faces -- as well she should, because if Liz were really bringing her A game to this attempted seduction, she wouldn't say "underpants." That's what your mom buys you, in a six-pack from Costco. The sexy word is "panties." (Or "gitch." Or, if you're a dude, "gotch.") Mark tells her to keep the bandages dry, and then tries to inflame her by adding, "Don't take any showers or baths -- just, uh...sponge bath." Liz ignores the opportunity she's just been presented to start talking about what she likes to do in the shower or bath -- or which part of her she intends to sponge-bathe first -- and instead asks why Lydia is in the room. Mark says it's hospital policy. Liz smirks that Lydia isn't doing anything, so she doesn't have to be there. Mark has no response to that, so Liz teases, "Are you afraid of me?" Mark finally breaks his stare at Liz's lap to say that she'll be just fine in a few days. He rolls away.

Later, Liz (with bandages, for some reason, wrapped around her legs just above the knees, though we already saw her burn was closer to her crotch) strides down the hall, away from the camera. Mark and Lydia appear in the foreground to watch her leave, and Mark thanks Lydia. Lydia rolls her eyes. Lydia, I so hear you.

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