24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Elsewhere, Doug walks over to some waiting area and takes a slip of paper from an older black woman, sitting with Nanny. It's not clear whether she's Nanny's mom or a social worker or what. Anyway, Doug looks at the slip, and then looks at the woman and at Nanny before saying, "Okay." He walks away from them and toward the reception desk, where he sits down and picks up the phone.

Benton, assisted by Lydia, examines some middle-aged guy who seems to be having stomach pains. After dinner, he felt an ache. Benton exposits that Achey has an aneurysm; Achey confirms that he's having surgery on his aneurysm next month. Benton tells Mr. Harvey (formerly "Achey") that he should sit tight until they get his old x-rays, and takes off. He walks into the next room -- which contains Susan -- and closes the door behind him. He tells her -- rather loudly, considering that he's only separated from Mr. Harvey by a thin pane of non-soundproof glass -- that Mr. Harvey is "leaking blood" into his stomach, and asks which surgeons are on the premises. Susan replies with a couple of names that mean nothing to me. We also establish that "the vascular team" is at a conference in Minneapolis. Long story short, no one's available to operate on Mr. Harvey right now. Benton sighs, stares in at Mr. Harvey for a second, and then declares, "Call Morgenstern, tell him to get over here right away. I'm starting a ruptured aneurysm." Susan soap-operas, "Peter, you can't! You're just a resident!" Benton Dr. Drake Ramorays, "This guy could die while we're out here discussing this!" Susan tries to resume her protest, but Benton talks over her: "I'm just trying to keep him alive until Morgenstern shows up -- that's all." Susan is out of steam, so Benton tells her to call the OR, get him a team, and set up for a laparotomy. He leaves. She calls up and informs someone at the other end that "Dr. Benton's starting."

Upstairs, an OR nurse hangs up the phone and heads over to a big whiteboard to schedule the surgery. A woman I totally don't recognize at all rolls up, asking "what's on." She and OR Nurse convey to us once again how crazy it is that Benton's doing this. Crazy!

In a locker room, Benton is changing as Dr. Snackwells comes in and says he'll be doing anaesthesia on Benton's surgery. Benton jargons a bunch of orders at him. Dr. Snackwells kindly asks whether Benton's sure he's "okay about this," allowing Benton to exposit, "I'm scared as hell. The guy's already ruptured; he's puffed up like a balloon and he's bleeding to death internally. I gotta do him. I'm his only chance." Oy, with the Bold and the Beautiful dialogue, already. Dr. Snackwells nods and leaves. Benton stands up, and holds still for a second, so that all we see is his hesitant midsection. After a moment, he sits back down, looking freaked out, and sighs. Aw, our uncharacteristically chipper li'l doctor is growing up into a big-boy surgeon!

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