24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Back to the room in which we opened. The camera apparently hasn't moved, and Mark gets back into bed. Fortunately, the door glides shut and blocks out the light before we get another eyeful of Mark's...uh, pantsful. He moans a little. The door opens. Lydia wakes him up to ask if she can give a Mrs. Williston some Demerol. He says yes. She leaves. The door opens again. It's 6:30. Mark puts on his glasses and checks his watch. Mark, do you really think Lydia doesn't have anything better to do than fuck with you? Just get up.

The ER -- which was mostly dead at 5 AM -- is now bustling with activity: ringing phones, doctors and orderlies with charts, announcements on the PA, yada. Susan "Forbidden Fruit" Lewis strides past the camera toward Reception, greeting some dreadlocked dude she calls Timmy but who I totally don't recognize. The actor playing him must be the nobody director's cousin or something, because they waste a precious five seconds of screen time making him call Susan back and hand her a chart. What? Whatever.

Peter "The Stranger" Benton comes in the ambulance-bay doors (I guess? Like I said, everything looks different) just as a bundled-up Jerry heads out. Jerry greets him, and Benton warmly replies, "Hey, Jerry." What? Benton? Warm? Who? And he's GRINNING as he walks in. Obviously they hadn't yet decided to make Benton kind of a prick. As he walks in, we hear typical "action news!"-type music from the TV, and then an anchorman's voice narrating some exposition about a construction accident in the Loop. Behind Benton, that dude Timmy is on the phone at the desk, finding out how many casualties there were and when County should expect them. The anchorman says there were twelve injured and at least two dead. Benton turns away from the TV and heads for the desk. Timmy hangs up just as Carol "Suicide Brunette" Hathaway rolls up, looking about twelve years old; she's unfortunately clad in those baby-pink scrubs the nurses wore in the first season, underneath which she's also wearing one of those t-shirts with the polo collar but no button placket that just look pointless and stupid. I mean, the point of a polo shirt is that you can wear the buttons done up or undone, right? So the collar on the t-shirt without the buttons is...god, this beeyotch is eighty-eight minutes long and I'm writing about Carol's stupid t-shirt. Anyway, Benton ALSO greets Timmy very warmly; Timmy returns the greeting before turning to Carol and telling her to notify Trauma about the accident. Of the twelve injured, apparently seven are critical. Carol gets on the phone as Benton picks up a chart and wanders off, commenting, "It's a good day for us surgeons." So, he's already really ambitious -- just not a bastard yet. FYI.

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