24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Benton -- apparently having sacked up -- strides down the hall. He sticks his head into a room where an operation is in progress and cocks, "Evening, gentlemen. Just wanted to let you know I'm going to be starting a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm in Room Two, and I'd appreciate a hand when you have a minute." He leaves, and we watch through the window in the door as the surgeons in the room totally don't react in the slightest. Cut inside, as Surgeon #1 asks, "What did he say?" Surgeon #2 replies, "He said he's doing an aneurysm." Surgeon #1 blandly says, "Now, that's a joke, isn't it?" as though they never really understand that crazy Dr. Benton and his "colourful" humour. Surgeon #2 asks a nurse, "Cheryl, go make sure he's joking." Cheryl leaves. Moments later, she reappears and tells them Benton's really doing it. Dr. Ashley (formerly Surgeon #1) tells Jimmy (formerly Surgeon #2), "Break and help him. I'll finish here and get there as soon as I can."

Dr. Harvey gets prepped. Benton stands outside his OR for a second, psyching himself up, and then cocks in: "Okay, boys and girls, let's go. This isn't a picnic, this is the late late show. Prep, please." Everyone is immobile, staring at him -- though whether because they can't believe it's him getting ready to operate, or because they don't know why he put on all that stupidly exaggerated bluster, is not clear. Benton snaps, "Prep, please. Come on, quit staring at me. Look, I'm just trying to keep the poor guy alive, okay?" I really hope Mr. Harvey was knocked out during this show of non-confidence. Personnel eventually step forward to help Benton prep. A nurse tells him that Jimmy is coming in to help. Benton snarks, "Oh, great. The only guy in the hospital that knows less about vascular surgery than I do." Benton gets started: "Mark the start of the operation at 2:13 AM. Let's see how long it's gonna take the chief to get off of his girlfriend and into his work clothes." Jimmy enters, and Benton breezily tells him they've already started. Benton unleashes a hail of jargon. There's a lot of blood in Mr. Harvey. Benton asks the room at large to wish him luck (and no one does, which seems rude). He makes an incision, and all hell breaks loose; blood gushes, a machine starts beeping, and things are, plainly, not good. A nurse gives a reading on something or other. Benton buries his hands in Mr. Harvey's guts and starts messing around in there. Another machine beeps briefly. Seriously, I could give you a blow-by-blow, but it probably wouldn't mean much to you, and anyway, since Benton's being such a cocky bastard about all of this, obviously he's going to save the day. The point is that Benton is shaky at first and then gets his bearings and seems to be doing okay. Cheryl sticks her head in to say that Morgenstern is in the building and on his way. Benton cracks, "Well, suck that fill clean. We've got the chief coming! We don't want him to think we don't know what we're doing here, huh?" A nurse chuckles. Jargon. Blood pressure. Benton casually asks, "Jimmy. What's the matter? Your hands are trembling." "I can't imagine why," Jimmy snorts snootily. Benton says he can't either: "Everything's cool here. All we have to do is sit and wait." Cheryl appears again to say that Dr. Ashley will be there momentarily. Benton jokes, "All of a sudden I got all the help I want, huh?" The operation continues. Boring.

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