24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Mrs. Beaten-Up Baby changes tactics, more gently saying, "Look, I can assure you, whoever you are --" "Ross. Dr. Ross," Doug tells her, like that's supposed to mean something to her. Mrs. Beaten-Up Baby continues, "Well, Dr. Ross, let me tell you, your concerns are unfounded, okay?" Doug barrels forward: "How'd he burn his legs?" Mrs. Beaten-Up Baby's all, "What?" Doug shows her: "These marks, right here on his legs -- those. Those are healed burn scars. How did that happen?" Mrs. Beaten-Up Baby stammers, "He...I...I don't know anything about burns on the legs. I'm beginning to think you're making this up, is what I'm thinking." Um. Nice one? Geez, most child abusers are better at covering their tracks. Doug tells Mrs. Beaten-Up Baby that she may want to call an attorney. "I am an attorney!" she yelps. Oh, BOOOOOO! Boo, we hate lawyers, right? First that mean Jen trying to make Mark take a job he doesn't want, and now this one, setting her kid on fire! They only care about making money and throwing their babies down flights of stairs! Boo! They're evil! Doug is not impressed: "Then I'm sure you'll know how the Department of Child Services will handle this." He starts to storm out, but she stomps around the bed yelling, "How dare you speak to me this way?!" Aggressive Pointing Finger of Judgment in full effect, Doug yells back, "How dare you treat your child like this? He's a little kid! I try to be understanding in my job, but lady, this just stinks." He sort of catches himself, as if he was about to spit in her face and then decided not to, and walks out, past poor Mr. Beaten-Up Baby, who really didn't bargain for all this when he asked that lady at his firm with the big hair and enormous, scary lips out for a steak.

Doug stomps through the hall. Spotting Tracy, he asks whether she found some patient's chart. Looking harried, she tells him she didn't. "Well, find it!" Doug tells her, more firmly. Tracy stupidly repeats, "Well, I don't know where it is." Doug barks, "Do you think that I am deaf? I heard you! Now find me the chart!" Throwing up her hands, Tracy squeals, "I don't know where it is!" and scurries off. Doug wanders away. Nanny spots him and runs up, asking, "Is it okay?" "It"? Doug quietly tells her that she can go home now, and that she did the right thing. Nanny explains, "I mean, is the baby okay?" If that's what you meant, why'd you say "it," fool? Doug musters his last ounce of strength to smile, and tell Nanny that Beaten-Up Baby will be okay. He walks off. Nanny looks after him adoringly (of course).

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