24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Benton wanders up to the desk and asks Jerry, "That's it? Anybody else?" Jerry starts bitching about a sore throat, and Benton smirks, "You need to see a doctor." As he walks off, he asks, "Which room?" presumably going to catch a nap. Jerry tells him that 5 and 6 are open. "Five," Benton calls back. Carter appears, and sinks gratefully into a chair. After a moment, he stretches out across all three of the molded-plastic chairs on the unit. Ow. That's probably less comfortable than sleeping upright. Mark comes in behind Jerry, who bitches about his throat again. Mark says he'll be in Room 8. He picks up a novelty shamrock decoration off the desk, asks Lydia for a pen (which she supplies), and asks her to wake him at 6:30. Lydia exposits that he's lucky: "That gives you almost an hour and a half."

Down the hall. Mark sticks the shamrock on the door, with a piece of tape that has "WAKE AT 6:30" written on it. In the room, he settles onto the bed, sighing gratefully. Fade to black. One second later, Lydia appears: "6:30, Dr. Greene." Mark sits up, puts his glasses back on, and checks his watch. "Wow," he groans. Yeah. NO KIDDING. ER: The "E" is for ENDLESS.

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