24 Hours

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Long Day's Journey Into Shite

Back out in the general reception area, trauma cases are still rolling in. A team of anonymous personnel is using the paddles to shock some shirtless fat guy. Pan over to Mark, who is asking his patient -- a Mr. Jackson, whose shirt is open, exposing a big smear of blood on the left lower quadrant of his torso -- where it hurts. With some difficulty, Mr. Jackson says his chest hurts. Mark eventually determines that it hurts when Mr. Jackson inhales, but that he hasn't been coughing up blood. Mark is about to listen to Mr. Jackson's lungs when suddenly Susan appears, and she and Mark share A Look. What?

Presently, a paramedic calls Susan's attention away before she and Mark can start making out or something, and she (I guess) follows another patient somewhere. We pan over to...somewhere else, where Doug and Haleh are working on an old lady. Haleh is wearing an Anita Van Buren-looking wig instead of her usual short, neat Afro. Neither the old lady's head nor her neck hurts. Doug slides his hand under the patient's head and gently starts to sit her up, instructing her, "Now, what I want you to do --" Unfortunately, he can't complete the sentence because she pukes blood all over him. Doug isn't fazed in the slightest, and slowly lowers her back down, saying she should tell him if it hurts when she breathes. A very young-looking Haleh says she can't get the patient's blood pressure. Doug reels off a bunch of orders, concluding, "Get Dr. Benton in here. This is no place for a pediatrician."

Did someone say Benton? Oh, there he is, still in Surgical One, jargoning about Mr. Wilson to a bunch of people I assume are the orthopedic and vascular surgeons he'd called for before. The guy who seems to be in charge is a bald, bearded dude, and he sends Mr. Wilson upstairs for surgery. Benton asks whether Dr. Bald-Bearded can save the hand. Dr. Bald-Bearded says he thinks he can. Benton cocks, "Good. I told him you could, so he's counting on you." Dr. Bald-Bearded may be an excellent surgeon, but his talents do not lie in delivering clumsy dialogue; we learn this as he declaims, "Peter, you're a smart-ass. You'd love to do this case yourself, wouldn't you?" Benton declares, "Yeah. I'm ready, I'm strong -- yeah, I could do it." Without the slightest affect, Dr. Bald-Bearded replies, "You're a resident, Peter. You're years from a case like this." Benton's face falls. Dr. Bald-Bearded turns on his heel, leaving his thespianic career behind forever, I hope.

Susan, assisted by Wendy, examines Jeff Barr, a young dude in a green and black flannel and a quilted vest. In the course of the neurological exam, he tells Susan he's in "Cook County General," which the hospital rarely gets called in the course of the show. He also exposits that it's St. Patrick's Day. Susan checks his nose and neck and says he's fine; we can see he has a few small scratches on his face. Susan tells Wendy to get a facial x-ray for him. As Susan shines a light in Mr. Barr's eyes, he smooths, "You're beautiful, Doc." "Thank you," Susan replies flatly. "You married?" he asks. "No, I'm a doctor," she says. He starts to proposition her, but she grabs his chin and shines the light in his mouth before he can humiliate himself further. She kindly tells him, "Take it easy, Mr. Barr; you wouldn't want to fall on your face twice in one day."

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