A Boy Falling Out of the Sky

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A Boy Falling Out of the Sky

Luka is back! He has returned! And he's writing his name on the board with an accent over the "c" in "Kovac." God, he makes diacritical marks look sexy. "Damn, looks like I just lost fifty bucks," Frank gripes. "Then you shouldn't gamble," Luka replies breezily. Now it's Gallant's turn to act stunned to see Luka, but he quickly grabs him for a case in triage. It seems that PSA Boy is seizing. Luka asks for a temperature reading, because high fevers can cause seizures; sure enough, he's running a 107.3 temperature. Suddenly, Luka is seized with a powerful urge to do something that would look really dramatic in a promo for the show. He disconnects PSA Boy's equipment and scoops him up, carrying him outside like Prince Charming sweeping Cinderella across the threshold after she got really, really trashed at their wedding reception. Everyone chases him so that the promo shot will look way cooler. Outside, Luka dumps PSA Boy into a pile of snow and douses him with warm saline. "He's seizing again!" shouts Chuny. "No, he's shivering," Luka says. Chuny skeptically announces that she's going to fetch Weaver.

In Trauma Green, Jared is still dying. Abby and Carter are there. Michael and Jana tearfully decide not to have them shock Jared's heart. Abby robotically disconnects the ventilator so that Jared can die. "I love you, baby," Jana says. "I love you, sweetie, so much." The one thing that would make this scene more touching would be a cell-phone ringtone, so thank God Abby disobeys ER rules and uses hers in the trauma room. She answers her phone and walks into the next room. No one chides her for breaking a long-held rule that's been enforced on everyone else, but never on her. That's the bonus of being The Star of the World.

Abby is on the phone with the FAA. Carter watches her as Jared flatlines, then enters the room as she hangs up the phone. "It's intact," she chokes. "Tied down in a field outside of Sault Saint Marie." She pauses. "He's alive," she says, her eyes wet and her face smiling for the first time in a long time. "And he cared enough to tie down the plane!" she gushes. So he's not manic, or whatever. Maybe. Okay. Carter smiles and Abby kisses him on the lips. "I guess Maggie was right," he says. Abby breaks away. "God," she breathes. "I'll be right back."

Abby yells for Maggie and runs to the El station, sneaking under the turnstile. "Mom!" she shouts. Maggie turns. We fade to black thinking yet again that this show has chosen really, really strange act-outs throughout the entire season.

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