A Boy Falling Out of the Sky

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A Boy Falling Out of the Sky

PSA Boy is still out in the snow. Weaver bursts out and rattles off all the reasons that Luka's behavior is too risky. But his fever goes down. "I saved his brain, heart, kidneys, liver," Luka says, looking satisfied with himself. "Yeah, well I guess it's a good thing you decided to finally come in," Kerry snorts, splitting her infinitive with gusto while Luka looks all puffed up and proud about his escapade.

Abby and Maggie hunch over a map looking for Sault Saint Marie. Abby finally admits that Maggie was right; for her part, Maggie gives Abby credit for understanding that the call could've easily gone the other way. "And in his mind, it wouldn't have been selfish. It would have been...a whole lot of other things. He doesn't want to be a burden," Maggie explains. "He's not," Abby avers. Maggie reminds her that they have to make sure Eric understands that. She suggests trying to email him, or trying to go to Sault Saint Marie, or hiring a PI to find him, because Eric's cancelled his cell phone. But Abby smiles serenely and quite calmly explains that it's their turn to sit around and wait for him to be ready to contact them. "It's really hard, but you have to," she says softly. "Just keep out of our minds all the horrible things that might be happening ot him, and you do that for a week, or a month, or maybe a year." Maggie understands. "And then someday he'll show up, and we'll drop everything and go to him," she says sadly. "Or, we get the other phone call," Abby offers. Maggie stares at the table. Abby smiles with way too much self-satisfaction for my taste and says, "Welcome to the outside of the disease." It's almost like she's taking pleasure in Maggie's having to go through what she put Abby and Eric through. Weird and unsympathetic acting choice there.

Chen teases Pratt about the Undead Bum, and they both laugh, and then launch into simultaneous apologies. Chen defers to Pratt. "I was a little judgmental," he allows. "I feel like people judge me all the time, and I hate it, so if I did that, I'm sorry. Especially because I like you, and respect you." Chen smiles. "Want to see a picture of him?" she offers quietly. Pratt grins. She scoops a photo of little Michael out of her pocket, and oh my, he is absolutely adorable. Chen shares that she loves getting the letters, but at the same time, it's wrenching. "He's black," Pratt says, surprised. "Half," she corrects. "Okay, Asian-African-American," laughs Pratt. "Great combination. He's beautiful." Just then, Harms shows up, dressed to the nines and looking very much like she'd enjoy some sausage to go with her mash. "Almost ready?" she coos at Pratt. Chen's face falls. Pratt whirls and sputters that she said she had plans with Susan. "Yeah," she spits. "I'm just taking the paramedics out, I told Harms and Morales I'd buy them dinner," he insists. "I only see Harms," Chen snots. Pratt invites Chen to come, but she refuses coldly and disappears into the lounge. Pratt lets her go, presumably because she's totally inaccessible and horrible.

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