A Hopeless Wound

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A Hopeless Wound

Outside, Abby and Weaver get the bullet from the paramedic: "Simone Phipps, forty-two, had a home birth. Newborn in respiratory distress." Weaver asks Simone if she had complications, and Simone says that she didn't even tear. The midwife walks out of the ambulance holding the baby. Simone asks what's wrong with her baby, and Weaver promises to find out, then orders someone to take the baby to Trauma One. The midwife hands the baby off to Nathan, and Abby immediately steps in and grabs the baby away. Nathan tries to resist, but Abby's not having it. I was kind of hoping for the return of Rex the Wonder Preemie, but no such luck.

Inside, Weaver tells Simone that she's lost a lot of blood. Simone keeps asking what's wrong with her baby, and worries that she should have had him in a hospital. The midwife assures Simone that she did everything right. Gallant gives the vitals. Hey, Gallant! Kerry orders them to squeeze in another two liters of blood. Gallant explains to Simone that she's losing a lot of blood due to a retained placenta. Kerry promises that Luka is taking good care of the baby, and says she needs Simone to focus.

Next door, Luka orders up a pedes intubation tray. Nathan listens to the lungs and reports wet crackles throughout. Luka says that there is fluid in the alveoli. Luka intubates while explaining the procedure to Nathan. Abby tells Nathan how to bag the baby in order to help out with breathing. Luka intubates. Nathan tries to put the bag onto the tube, but his hands are shaking too hard. Luka orders up a pedes vent. Abby watches as Luka helps Nathan make the connection while telling him kindly to relax because the hard part is over. Nathan squeezes the bag. Luka tells Abby to notify the NICU team. Abby asks what she should tell them is wrong, and Luka admits that he has no idea.

Back in Surgery, Elizabeth says that it's no good, and that they are into the quads. Romano tells them to keep debriding. Elizabeth says that if they treat this conservatively and it spreads, they'll have to do a hip disarticulation. Romano thinks it's worth the risk. Elizabeth asks, "Of his being non-ambulatory?" Edson adds that with an above-the-knee amputation, the patient can use a prosthetic. Elizabeth says that if the infection gets into his hip, it will spread to the abdominal wall and he'll get septic. Romano says he's trying to save the man's leg. Edson asks, "What about his life?" Romano snaps, "He's young. It's the same thing." Elizabeth thinks that's ridiculous, and points out that it's "a hopeless wound." Romano looks down sadly and quickly orders Elizabeth to take the leg. On his way out, Romano commits the hallmark act of someone who is Taking! It! Personally! By angrily knocking some equipment down.

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