A Hopeless Wound

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A Hopeless Wound

"The Promise" by Tracy Chapman plays on the soundtrack as Elizabeth and Ella get on the El. Elizabeth snuggles her daughter and they both fall asleep. The camera pans over to the window, which goes by office buildings and such, and the light slowly comes up. The next morning, we see Elizabeth and Ella, once again sleeping on the El. The train comes to a stop, and Elizabeth carries her daughter off. She leads rounds with her pathetic medical students. She asks them a question, and Nathan calls out the answer from behind her. She scolds him for being tardy, but seems happy to see him. She asks a follow-up question and then continues leading rounds while he answers.

Next week: Carter and Nathan argue over a young woman's right to die. Luke gets suspended. Chen gets threatened by a patient and hooks up with Pratt.

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