A Hopeless Wound

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A Hopeless Wound

Don Cheadle walks into Surgery, looking for Elizabeth. Romano asks if he's a bill collector or a suitor, and Don Cheadle explains that he's a medical student who was supposed to start his surgical rotation today. Ah, so he's the mysterious Nathan. Romano notes that Nathan is a little old to be a med student, and Nathan says that it's a career change. They get into the elevator. Nathan asks about Romano's arm, and he claims that it's tennis elbow.

A paramedic helps Susan and Abby wheel in a patient. The paramedic explains that there was a fire at a Halloween party, and that there are at least thirty victims. The victim on the gurney is a Jane Doe, a young woman who has burns over much of her body. Abby asks how she's doing, and the woman gasps, "Not...good." Susan gets a first name (Amy), but not a last name. Amy says there was a fire at the party downstairs. Susan asks if Amy has anyone with her, and the paramedic says that the whole building was on fire and that there was a great deal of confusion. Nathan lurks outside, watching. Abby notes that Amy has soot in her nostrils and intraoral burns. Susan tells her to get an intubation tray, and to get Corday to look at the crushed pelvis. Nathan tries to ask Susan where Elizabeth is, but Susan brushes him off.

Another paramedic wheels in a man dressed as a woman and gives Susan the bullet. It's Ed Jemena, age thirty-five, and he has "full thickness burns to the hands and forearms." Ed says that a guy was on fire, and that he tried to put it out with his hands. Susan asks Luka to take over. Luka asks Chuny for a trauma room, and Chuny snots that he's lucky to get a bed.

Susan finally gets back to Nathan. After determining that he's a medical student, she hands off a chart for a guy with "cellulitis of the leg after a bug bite to the ankle." Bug Bite Guy is in the same room as Ed Jemena. Nathan asks what he should do, and Susan tells him to trace the leading edge of the rash with a marker so that they can see if it's spreading. She tosses a marker to him, which falls to the floor, and adds, "Nice catch." Man, is she going to feel like an asshole later.

Carter wades through the hallway, trying to reach the Admit desk. Waiting patients holler questions after him, and he tells them that they have to wait in chairs, because if a doctor or nurse can't find them, it could cause a delay in their treatment. Shouldn't all of their new security measures be helping out here? A woman wants to know what's happened to her things, because her apartment was on the fourth floor and the fire was on the second. I don't know why she thinks Carter would have any freaking clue -- ask a fireman, lady! Another woman wants to know whether they'll be allowed to go home after leaving the hospital, and whether anyone knows how the fire started. Again, those would be questions for the fire department, not Carter. Someone calls Carter away, and he takes off. Some old homophobe claims that the fire was started because "the fruits upstairs were smoking dope." A guy dressed as a gladiator denies that anyone was smoking anything.

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