A Hopeless Wound

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A Hopeless Wound

Nathan traces the edge of the rash with a marker as instructed. Bug Bite Guy asks what it's for. Nathan explains that it's to keep an eye on the infection. His girlfriend, Not Martha Plimpton, asks what drugs they're administering; Nathan checks the IV bag and says that it's an antibiotic to stop the infection. Luka calls over and asks if Nathan is a doctor. Nathan says that he's a med student. Luka orders Nathan to roll over the Mayo stand for Ed's hands. Nathan does, and Luka just leaves, despite Nathan's protests. Ed asks what the doctors are going to do, and Nathan says they'll make him better. Ed asks why he can't feel his hands, and Nathan explains that the burns damaged his hands. Ed asks if it's permanent, and Nathan admits that he doesn't know.

Pratt and Corday work on a guy who keeps asking for his partner, Terry, who is dressed like a jungle girl. Romano wanders in and asks what's going on. Elizabeth explains that a rubber mask melted onto the guy's face, and they can barely open his mouth in order to intubate. Romano thought Elizabeth already left. Elizabeth says that she's supposed to be trick-or-treating. Romano affectionately says that she's a little old for that, but Elizabeth is too busy trying to intubate to respond to his flirtations, so Romano makes himself useful by picking up a crike tray. He tries to open it and fails, so he starts to bring it over to the table, ordering them not to open it unless the intubation fails. When he turns, Lily is walking by, and she bumps into his bad arm. Romano screams in pain as Lily apologizes all over the place. Pratt continues to run the medical procedures as Elizabeth repeatedly asks Romano if he's okay. Romano tamps the pain deep down inside with the rest of his tender emotions and says tightly that he's okay, and that as long as Elizabeth has it under control, he's going to check on everyone else.

Romano walks out into the hall, his mouth still a grim line. He comes up on Chen, who is treating a victim of smoke inhalation, and gets the bullet from her. Chen says that the guy may needs a chest tube. Romano asks the patient's vitals and Chen lightly says that she's got it under control. Romano spits, "Yeah, I'm sure you do. Get a chest x-ray and show it to me." Chen looks after him like, "What's his problem?" but hello? It's Romano. Even if he didn't just suffer an excruciatingly painful blow to the arm, do you expect him to be nice and pleasant? Romano walks into another exam room, where he finds Luka doing something to Ed's hands that looks really painful. I think it involves slicing them open with a scalpel or something and I just don't need to know any more about that procedure. Romano observes for a moment and, after Luka confirms what he's doing and says that the left hand needs the same, just adds, "I agree." Poor Romano. No one needs him. I need him! The viewers need Romano!

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