A Little Help From My Friends

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A Little Help From My Friends

Pratt bursts into his apartment and screams for his brother. Childish sobbing fills the apartment; Pratt finds Leon slumped against a dresser. "They kicked me, they stabbed me, they stepped on my head," Leon wails. "I'm dying, G!" The culprits are, evidently, the owners of the gun Pratt had earlier. We're to assume Pratt swiped it to get it away from Leon. "They wanted the gun! They wanted to kill me!" Leon blubbers. Pratt tries to calm him down, but Leon's way too worked up for reason. "They stabbed you? Where?" Pratt asks. "In the ass, G!" Leon cries. Yeah, right. If you were a bunch of bad-ass thugs, why would you be like, "Let's stab his ASS! That's where the money is! It's in the ass!" Wouldn't you stab him somewhere more easily accessible? What is with asses this week? As Leon flails and shrieks and refuses to go to the hospital, Pratt tries to comfort him. "Okay, okay, okay," he repeats, his face beginning to quiver and his eyes tearing up. That last line was brilliantly acted by Mehki Phifer. His voice actually breaks, and it's immediately clear that Pratt both adores his brother, can't handle his brother, and fears for his brother. We fade to black figuring that, if we absolutely have to put up with Pratt, we should at least get to see more of Mekhi Phifer using his talents.

Carter's skylight patient dies. Carter is in a blue rage because Pratt isn't around. He stops long enough to digest Ed Asner's labs and deduce that the old coot is diabetic, and then he continues raging that somebody needs to page Pratt immediately. Carter's on a rampage, except unfortunately, he really is filling Mark's void, by which I mean that his idea of a "rampage" is more like mild, milquetoast irritation.

Upstairs, Kerry is on an IV and with her doctor. Abby enters to check on her. Kerry is trying to be all businessy about it, saying she knows exactly what to do medically, etc. Her doctor gently suggests that she take off for a few days, and then leaves. Abby regards Weaver with professional worry. "Can I get you anything?" she asks. "Do you want me to try and call Sandy at work?" Weaver shakes her head and looks crushed, lost, but she's not crying. "Abby?" she calls out. Abby turns near the door. Weaver loses her sentence. "I can give you a ride home in about an hour," Abby offers quickly. Weaver sighs slowly, a measure of relief in her eyes. "Thanks," she whispers. As the door swings open, Rosemary is shuffling past, and she notices Weaver lying in the bed.

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