A Little Help From My Friends

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A Little Help From My Friends

Weaver enters Rosemary's room and suggests that she call her parents, or else they'll worry when she doesn't come home. Rosemary signs something sadly. "'They'll worry about me more if they know I have a boyfriend,'" Kerry translates. Rosemary then signs that she doesn't want to disappoint her parents any more than she already has, simply by being deaf. Aw. Kerry reminds Rosemary that she's got to stay the night. Frowning, Rosemary asks why Weaver was a patient. Stunned, Weaver asks, "You saw me?" Rosemary nods sadly and tugs at the hospital gown she's wearing, and which Weaver had been wearing. Weaver looks down and sighs. "I was..." she begins, and we pan down to her hands, which are signing that she lost her baby. Rosemary looks horrified. Weaver's hands drop onto the bed, and one of Rosemary's creeps out to clasp them. We pan up to Kerry, who finally lets a tear fall, and it triggers Niagara. Dropping her head to the bed, Kerry lets out a gutteral cry as Rosemary affectionately strokes her hair.

Outside Pratt's place, Carter asks for the scoop on Leon. Evidently, he came to live with Pratt when he was nine and Pratt was six. "I idolized him," Pratt remembers with a smile. When his mother died of liver cancer, Pratt was only fifteen, and Leon cared for him and made sure he stayed in school. But in college, Leon got into a bar fight and took a bullet to the head. He survived, but the brain damage dropped his IQ by forty points. Carter has the good grace to look sad for them, even though you can tell he'd rather that Pratt was a one-dimensional prick. "Do you have any help?" he asks. "No," Pratt replies. "I've been doing it on my own for years. I'm good at that." Carter shrugs. "Well, we work as a team," he begins. "We cover for each other, we lean on each other. The job's too big to do solo. But if you can't get that, maybe you should be a surgeon." Ooh, roast on Romano and Elizabeth. "Or a superhero, or something else that doesn't require trusting people," Carter finishes. Pratt shrugs that he's never been big on trust. Carter counters that if he can't trust people, no one will be able to trust him. "Self-sufficiency is a good thing, but it's not the only thing," says The Boy Who Probably Still Lives With Gamma. "Asking for help when you need it -- that doesn't make you weak." Pratt ponders this, then abruptly decides that he's needed inside. Carter nods and leaves, and once he's gone, Pratt allows a small smile of respect to cross his lips. Oh, no. It's the whole covert respect thing. If there's a touching moment where we witness the birth of a beautiful friendship between these two, I'm going to be very disappointed.

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