A Little Help From My Friends

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A Little Help From My Friends

Back at the M&M, Luka is not melting in my mouth, but at the stand. Wait, actually, Abby is at the podium. Anspaugh quizzes her about the length of time that passed between the patient's arrival and receiving his CDC results. Abby tries to write it off to a swamped ER, but Luka booms that he told Abby they don't waste time with full work-ups on simple flu cases. "Something all doctors say at one time or another," Abby says, trying hard to cover for the fact that blunt Luka couldn't finesse his way out of an empty room. Anspaugh dismisses her by calling upon Susan to discuss what he terms "the intubation problem."

Susan stands up and begins to deliver a jargon-heavy explanation of what went on when Luka tried to intubate Rick. But Dr. Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen chooses this moment to be completely rude, so Susan never gets to finish her line. "Could you see the cords, Dr. Kovac?" Chen asks, with a real air of annoyance in her voice. It's kind of inappropriate and very judgmental. "No," Luka says simply. "Dr. Kovac felt he performed an endotracheal intubation," Susan offers. "He listened for breath sounds." Anspaugh asks if he used the carbon dioxide detector. Luka can't stand this anymore. He hates being deconstructed this way, and he especially hates how this episode failed to pick up on the tension it built last time. Exasperated, Luka chronicles his errors, concluding, "About the only thing I didn't do is put a plastic bag over the guy's head and hit him with a brick." Aw. A plastic bag to catch the goo. Even in fantasy murder, he's cute. Anspaugh calmly insists that M&Ms aren't about placing blame -- they're about learning from mistakes, and sugar highs. "I'd had two hours of sleep and I was hung-over," Luka confesses. "I should've admitted I couldn't work, but I didn't. I was sloppy and arrogant. Abby warned me the boy was sick, and I ignored her. Fire me, take my license, shoot me, whatever. But let's not pretend that there's anything to learn here. I killed him." Then, sewing a scarlet "K" to his sweater, Luka huffs out of the room to live a life of Puritanical exile. "The patient isn't dead," Abby calls out gently, but he's already gone. "Did anyone ever bother to verify that there really are medical schools in Croatia?" Romano cracks. Anspaugh shoots him a tolerant but withering look. I have to say, that's a pretty damned unprofessional thing to say, if this is a teaching hospital and they are only there to understand and not to blame. For once, I find myself sort of irritated with Rocket. I'm sure it'll pass, though.

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