A Little Help From My Friends

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A Little Help From My Friends

Susan enters the lounge, where Luka is ostensibly shooting glum eye daggers out the window at passersby. "Ten points for another homeless man," he thinks. "Don't let Romano get to you," Susan says. "It only encourages him." That's a nice sentiment, but Luka didn't hear Romano's little snark because he'd already stormed out of the room. Way to remember the previous scene. "They were more than fair," Luka shrugs. He thanks Susan for defending him, which she tries unconvincingly to deny. "You didn't have to," he says softly. "It could've been any one of us," Susan says. Luka hangs his head. Sirens blare. "Time to get back to work," Susan sighs. "Sure I still work here?" he asks with a tiny smile. "Yeah, and your shift started twenty minutes ago," Susan replies lightly. She leaves him alone so that he can look privately confused and conflicted for a moment.

Susan moves on to a patient named Chip, an insomniac who complains of obsessive thoughts. Chip begins to weep. Chip is a crier. Chip definitely needed frozen spoons over his eyes after shooting this episode. He bawls that he took five sleep aids, but they didn't work, so he needs stronger medicine. "Are you trying to hurt yourself?" Susan asks. "No, I'm trying to sleep," he whines. "You stopped sleeping three days ago. Did something happen?" Susan asks. Chip says he's got a problem with his girlfriend, so Susan casually tells him to sit tight and wait for a Psych consult.

There's a three-line exchange between Carter and Chuny which has no relevance to anything that I can tell, and Chuny annoys me, so I'm skipping it. Which is practically a guarantee that it will come back and sample the unique flavor of my ass, but I'm not afraid to invite the bite.

Dr. Greg "Brat" Pratt hurriedly trucks through the metal detectors, which promptly buzz. "It's just my cell phone," he mutters. Officer Rent-A-Cop cheerfully nods, but moves to search Pratt's bag anyway. Pratt fidgets. "Look, I'm Dr. Pratt," he says, as if the cop cares. Officer Fussbudget insists on rifling through the bag anyway. "You're new here," Pratt argues. "Doctors just get to go through." Still, Officer Dedicated won't let go, and thus begins a small but noisy tussle, because the best way to sneak around is to make a gigantic scene. Carter appears to break it up. "What's the deal?" he demands. Pratt sheepishly brandishes a gun that he claims he found outside a dumpster, and says he was planning to give it to "a real cop." Officer Dimbulb stares at the gun like it's a rabid goldfish. "Do you have a license for this?" the officer finally asks. He's holding it gingerly by the handle, pointing upward. It looks all wrong. Pratt's like, Up yours, Sherlock, I just told you I found it in the garbage. Officer Proud of His SAG Card sternly announces that he's going to have to report Pratt to the police department for possession of a concealed, unlicensed weapon. Carter manages to look both entertained and highly disapproving. Just then, a trauma arrives; Pratt muscles past Officer Weakling, who puts up a meager fight. "He's not going anywhere -- he works here," Carter calms him. "You've got the gun; get his name and information and leave it at that."

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