A Little Help From My Friends

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A Little Help From My Friends

Susan tries to comfort weepy Chip, who won't stop blubbering. "Oh, God," he wails, grabbing his head. "Everyone will hate me!" Dude, we already do. Susan steers him somewhere private -- so, around the corner, but still in a crowded and public area -- so that he'll confide in her, and Chip promptly confesses that his girlfriend walked in on him advancing on her ten-year-old son. He's choked up and crying, and he's a pig, and he'd look so pretty on a spit with an apple in his mouth. Susan's expression is one of suppressed repulsion. "Did you do something to him?" she gulps carefully. "No," sniffles Chip. "I was going to, but...I would have. She walked in. I don't want to be like this!" Susan stares at him as he weeps that he's not sure he could've stopped himself from violating the kid. She's all, "They don't do this on The West Wing."

Old Man Gilman's heart has given out, and Gallant is trying to jump-start it. As Weaver enters, they find a rhythm. Weaver cracks that someone should check on his wife to see if she survived their last round of brittle, wrinkly whoopie. Haleh pleasantly warns Weaver that she's brushed up against some blood; Kerry's gaze travels nervously to her lab coat, which boasts a large red stain. Momentarily thrown, she regains her composure long enough to exit the room gracefully.

Pratt helps out Jethro's tree-cutting buddy. He's an illegal immigrant with no family. That's about all there is to say about this scene.

Chip hovers next to Susan at the front desk while she begs Psych to get Dr. De Raad down to see him. Suddenly, Susan notices Anastasia erasing the patient board; Jerry and Chen bolt to her side in frustration. "You've erased all our patients!" Chen yells. Anastasia scribbles obliviously on the transparent plastic. "Ergo, God," she whispers. "Ergo, Ritalin," Chen corrects testily, calling Anastasia out on taking the drug for the math contest. Anastasia stares at her with zoned-out eyes. I'm sure parents of troubled ADD kids are delighted at this touching, heartfelt depiction of Ritalin. "These numbers, discovered in different cultures and in different centuries, all add to zero, proving the universe is perfect and proving the existence...of GOD," she drones, ending the line in an overawed whisper. "Hey, I can't even prove I paid my gas bill," Susan cracks, still on hold. Boom! Thank you! Susan will be here all season. Tip your servers, people. Chen orders Jerry to rewrite the patient information on the board. "Aw, make her do it," Jerry whines. Anastasia cheerfully begins putting everything back up on the board, because Ritalin has made her a stoned genius.

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