A River in Egypt

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A River in Egypt

A bride shows up looking for Julio. A nation uses this moment as a bathroom break.

Weaver's attention is diverted by a hubbub outside Kinney's room. It seems his vitals are all atwitter and he's not breathing. Susan enters in a panic. "What happened?" she asks. Weaver lifts Kinney's shirt and spies a fresh purple bruise right next to his stitches. "Is this new?" she gapes. "They had to straighten me out," mumbles Kinney. The guard looks bored. It seems the blow to the chest collapsed Kinney's lung, so Weaver makes an incision to insert a chest tube. Kinney moans that he doesn't want anything done to him. "You'll die if we don't reinflate it," Susan explains frantically. "I don't care! I'm ready!" wails Kinney. So Susan just stops and watches while Weaver tries to insert the tube and get it working. She's demanding Susan's help, but Susan doesn't want to give it, since the man asked to die. "Please, they'll keep beating on me," Kinney whines, as if he's a tortured innocent. Susan still does nothing to help Weaver. "Susan, NOW!" shouts Weaver. Susan glares. Go away, Susan, unless you want to do your job.

Carter arrives at Midway Airport, which looks modern and slightly, dare I say it, funky. I've been to Midway Airport, and it was a complete armpit last I saw it, so there's no way this set even remotely resembles that bog of misery. Stephen blithely says he's about to board. "What's so urgent?" he asks. "Nothing, just checking in," Carter shrugs. "How's the new place?" Stephen waxes stiffly poetic about the glories of sparse spaces and how it brings clarity to a mind addled by thirty years of being married to a snow troll. Carter casually suggests that he give Eleanor a call. "She wants to negotiate," spits Stephen bitterly. "Don't know when she started looking at life the way other people read the stock reports, but oh well. It's over." Carter theorizes that Eleanor is of a different mind. "You're her ambassador now?" Stephen snorts. "Noooooo!" Carter protests. "I'm just suggesting you take time to make sure this is what you want." Stephen downs some scotch. "I am, thanks to you," he says. Oh, that's just cruel, pinning the divorce on your only living son. Carter seems equally horrified. Stephen rambles that it took his father's death and Carter's harsh words to burst his bubble, making him realize that his life was an illusory lie. "I can't find my way back with her," Stephen asserts grimly, downing the last of his scotch. Carter, to his credit, tries to convince Stephen that Eleanor is reaching out like never before. "Careful, John," warns Stephen. "She's an emotional vampire." And he hops up to board his flight.

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