A River in Egypt

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A River in Egypt

Bride asks Mark if her father Julio is dying. Mark explains that he'll need surgery to replace a heart valve. The rest of this scene is shameless. It goes on way too long, consists only of these two less-than-tertiary characters rehashing their "tortured" relationship, and slams us in the head with an extremely large stick as we see Mark watch what his and Rachel's relationship might become. All told, it's crap. Bride blathers that he doesn't deserve to be in her life after so long, and Julio weeps and says he loves her and that he only wanted to watch his precious baby get married. Bride leaves after announcing that she doesn't need him anymore, and Julio rasps her name in desperation. Remember when ER subplots had finesse, and weren't just shamelessly hollow attempts at metaphor? I don't, actually, but I'm told there was a time, long, long ago, when the quality of the show was high, and the writers were not.

And so Mark, who struggles to parent his own child, inexplicably decides to parent Julio's. Because he's so qualified. He went to med school, and if he can meddle in people's innards, he should bloody well be able to meddle in their lives. Mark decrees that Bride doesn't want to leave things this way, and she rants that Julio is a stubborn bastard who should've let her come home when she called from Wichita and begged for mercy. Mark's all, "I hope Rachel gets further than Wichita." Bride bolts, leaving Mark alone with his thought.

Susan confronts the prison guard about whether he beat Kinney in the trauma room. "What do you care? He's a murderer," the guard says. Susan's upcoming and no-doubt-touching tirade about human rights is thwarted by a crashing thud from the trauma room.

Rushing inside, Susan helps Weaver right the gurney, which Kinney flipped by throwing his weight against one side. The left side of his head is bleeding profusely onto the pillow, and his pulse is plunging, in addition to a trickle of blood coming from his ear. Weaver orders up a host of things to help save his life, and Susan resists. "The guy's going to die in a couple months by lethal injection," she argues. "He asked for no heroic measures." Fed up, Weaver angrily points out that death-row inmates attempting suicide in the ER aren't allowed to request DNRs. Spying Sandy out in the hall, Weaver demands that Susan bag Kinney, and flees the room. "Whatever you say, Kerry," bitches Susan under her breath. Which is completely uncalled for, since there are rules Susan's expected to follow, and she's trying not to follow them. If the writers had her say it just to set up a Susan vs. Kerry loathing, it's pretty sloppy work, because it just makes Susan look petty.

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