A River in Egypt

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A River in Egypt

Kerry's demeanor totally changes when she's with Sandy. She's gentler, quieter, and her voice is...well, schmoopy. There's no other way to phrase it. Sandy is guarded, wondering why Kerry called; Kerry explains that she'd actually left another message telling her not to come by because she's swamped. Sandy pretends she only came by to check on her co-worker, who was injured in a fire. Malik interrupts to say that Chen is looking for Weaver. Weaver dismisses Malik, then leans in to Sandy and coos that she was really worried about her after that big fire. Abby interjects this time, trying to make Weaver authorize sending a social worker to counsel Joyce. Again, Weaver dismisses her. She hangs her head slightly, like she's trying to hide the fact that something very personal is happening between her and Sandy. "So that's it?" Sandy asks, sadly. "You're going to keep playing this game?" Her eyes are alight with affection. Kerry inches toward her, crumbling, before her nerves kick in and propel her backward again. "I'm not playing any games," she whimpers. "So, what, you just want to check on me?" Sandy says gently. "Is that all right?" Weaver whispers brokenly, and so quietly that I didn't catch it until I watched the show with subtitles. She tries to hide behind her hand as Abby approaches to bug her again about Joyce. "Abby, I'm the treating physician, okay?" Weaver asks softly and shrilly, obviously crying. Sandy, who had warmed to Kerry briefly, freezes up again and gets frustrated. Kerry desperately tries to convince Sandy that she's just busy and isn't trying to avoid their relationship issues. Chen muscles in and snipes, "Kerry, okay, you want to talk to me? Talk to me. I'm not gonna be hanging around for your convenience." It's so obvious Chen was interrupting something. What a brat. And Ming-Na is certainly playing her one-dimensional character to the terrible hilt.

Kerry steers Sandy to a less crowded area, but their conversation is about over. "You know, forget it," Sandy sighs, tired of this dance. Kerry grabs her one last, desperate time, and it snaps something inside Sandy. She grabs Kerry, cradles her ex-flame's face, and kisses her. Kerry melts, reaching out to touch Sandy's cheek, caught in the moment. The camera swivels around them as they kiss, so that when they break apart, we see the curious faces of Frank, Malik, Abby, and Chen staring from the reception desk. I swear, Chen is openly laughing, or at least smirking really blatantly. I hope it's because there were some shenanigans between takes and not because Ming-Na has decided to make Chen a total asshole forever. "Goodbye, Dr. Weaver," Sandy says quietly, fleeing the ER. Weaver, back to business, blinks back tears and stonily glides back to the silent front desk.

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