A River in Egypt

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A River in Egypt

Yosh and Malik gossip about The Kiss, but when they spot Weaver headed their way, they shut up. Susan hails her and mentions that Kinney will get executed after all -- he's in a post-op coma. She's trying to put his execution on Weaver's head? Go away, Susan. And shut up when you get there. Susan gripes that it costs four thousand dollars a day to care for him while he's comatose. Kerry blows her off, rightly pointing out that resource management isn't Susan's concern -- saving the patient, however, should be.

Aisha arrives and tearfully asks for Carter. He appears and ushers her to a room. "Dimon's always had an act, but I thought he was real with me," she sobs.

Weaver thinks she sees Malik watching her, and curtly tells him to find something to do if he has enough free time to loiter. Malik, cowed, takes his files and pisses off accordingly.

Mark and Rachel take a nighttime stroll, during which he tells her that he chatted with Vulcan Jen and they both emotionlessly decided to leave Rachel in Chicago. "I don't have a say?" Rachel snits. "Maybe in a few years. But no, not yet," Mark decodes. Rachel pouts and looks away. Mark gently tells her that he wants her to stay, because he missed out on too much of her life and hates the idea of her leaving with resentment. Thank God he treated Julio, and that Julio's sad life could Teach A Hero A Very Important Lesson About Fatherhood! That really was a bit of luck, wasn't it? Mark vows to try harder, if Rachel will. "I don't want to be treated like a kid," she brats. "Good," Mark says, instead of chiding her for acting like nothing but. "I don't want to be treated like an old man," Mark says. Rachel smiles, charmed, because she can still treat him like a dork, a wuss, a square and a lunatic.

Abby flags down Brian, who is searching for Joyce's room. She knows Adele is still in there, and tries to distract him from discovering that. Brian laughs hollowly that he always warned Joyce that the ankle skates lacked proper support. "They can be dangerous," Abby says, appraising him carefully. Brian politely, and seemingly sincerely, apologizes for dragging Abby into their domestic disputes. With false cheer, he recalls a neighbor of theirs in San Francisco who thought there was an earthquake, but realized it was just Joyce smashing Brian's "softball trophies" because he went to a sporting event instead of dining with her parents. Softball trophies, Brian? Uh huh. They must move a lot, too, if they lived recently in San Francisco and Virginia, and are as young as they appear. I think I'm trying to inject more intrigue than is actually required.

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