A River in Egypt

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A River in Egypt

As Brian heads for Joyce's room, Abby tries to talk his ear off about whether he should just go pull the car around and let Abby shepherd her outside; just then, Adele wheels out of the room and cheerfully promises to speak later with Abby. Brian rushes inside and envelops his wife in a hug, kissing all over her face and being extra-lovey-dovey. He wheels her out for a special dinner. Abby notices that Joyce left her white plastic bag on the counter. "This yours, Joyce?" she asks, pointedly. "No. I have what I came with," Joyce replies. Abby nods unhappily and mitigates her frustration with Joyce by gnawing on her own lip. Opening the bag, she yanks out exactly what she knew she'd find -- the escape kit.

Kerry confronts Sandy at the firehouse, even though Sandy's prepping to go out on a call. "Who are you?" Kerry seethes. "I mean, who the HELL are you?" She completely rails on Sandy for trying to control her life, while Sandy argues that Kerry was lying to her about who she was. "I never misrepresented myself!" insists Kerry. "No, you just pretend to be something you're not," Sandy yells as she makes a beeline for the fire truck. Kerry's irate that Sandy outed her to a hospital full of colleagues and underlings, especially when Kerry so closely guards her privacy. "You can't separate who you are from what you do," Sandy swears. Kerry correctly points out that it's not Sandy's decision to make, and Sandy rants that Kerry just wants the best of both worlds -- to be a lesbian but skirt the hardship that comes with it. "You don't get one without the other," Sandy shouts. "At least not with me." I find it hard to believe that any lesbian who's endured discrimination and hardship could be SO insensitive about outing a woman who's just not ready. I also feel like someone in that position would be more sympathetic to people who are, for one reason or another, still in the closet. It's disappointing. Kerry can't believe Sandy would kiss her in public just to prove a point, or perhaps out of spite. Sandy shakes her head. "I did you a huge favor! You just don't know it yet!" she shouts as the fire truck pulls away.

The Cold House. Eleanor balances on a ladder so she can change a lightbulb. She's drunk, and as soon as Carter enters the room, he can tell. Eleanor drops the dead bulb and it shatters; she then trips down the ladder and requires Carter's help. It seems she pinched a bottle of Bordeaux given to Gamma as a gift, and had herself a bit of a tipple. "I spent the entire afternoon at the Children's Cancer Center," she slurs. "There was this one boy...." Eleanor winces and puts a hand to her forehead, as if to rub out the memory. She clears her throat and recounts an argument she had with Gamma. "She said my presence was, in fact, hindering her recovery," Eleanor says sadly. "That if she needed a caregiver, I would be the absolute last person she'd call." She looks completely gutted. Carter regards her with pity and distaste and even a glimmer of affection. Then he realizes something and grabs his mother's arm to take her pulse. "Are you taking something?" he asks. "Xanax," she admits. A shred of hope alight in her eyes, Eleanor asks if he talked to Stephen. Carter says nothing. "He's given up on me," she realizes. Carter asks how many Xanax Eleanor took; the answer is two.

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