A River in Egypt

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A River in Egypt

Chen bristles when Weaver reminds her of her mistake, and leaps to her feet, shouting that the only error she made was letting Kerry sacrifice her and Dave Malucci. "You ran away in anger rather than refusing to accept responsibility!" Weaver yells. Romano, amused, quiets them: "Ladies, if I want a good catfight, I'll watch The View. Let's keep this civil." Weaver chokes back her anger and fixes Chen with a level gaze. "I respect your abilities as a doctor, but the position's already been filled," she says tightly. Chen's lawyer cheerfully explains that they'll sue if the hospital doesn't comply with rehiring Chen under several conditions, two of which are that Chen's record be expunged and, that a statement of correction be attached to her file explaining the situation. HELLO? How does she deserve that? Chen committed an ENORMOUS lapse of judgment! That should stay in her file forever, regardless of what Weaver did to exacerbate the situation. Chen sits there smiling like Sylvester with Tweety in his mouth, showing zero remorse for anything, and having the gall to look self-righteous about the whole thing. Why are TPTB bringing back a likable character and turning her into a hateful shill? Especially since they spent so much time writing Kerry into that corner. Chen's lawyer cocks his eyebrow and casually says that they're not looking to tarnish more reputations here. Weaver seethes that she doesn't respond well to threats. "You know what? You can't screw up and then whine about being mistreated," she rants. "Jing-Mei, you need to grow up." Weaver storms out of the office as Chen crosses her arms and has a good, hard pout.

Carter and Abby examine CC, who's sporting a nice raspberry on his cheek. "He's got it, doesn't he?" he asks mournfully. "Dimon -- he's got the High Five." Abby doesn't understand this strange hip lingo. "HIV," clarifies CC. Carter cites doctor-patient confidentiality, but does ask if Dimon is aware of CC's condition. CC nods. "But my viral load's been zero, and he only gives," CC explains. "I told him, 'Wear a rubber anyway!' He said, 'What for?' It wasn't sex to him." Carter's jaw drops slightly. He and Abby simultaneously realize that CC wasn't sleeping with Aisha after all. They're twenty minutes behind the rest of the world on that one. "He's on the DL," spits CC. Carter and Abby have no idea what that means. "Down-low," CC clarifies. "See, he ain't gay. He can't be a faggot and be legit. He only does guys because women get so stressful." The last sentence is tinged with bitterness. Carter begs him to try to get Aisha's pager number so that she can return and get tested. His face cloudy as Dimon's urine, CC agrees.

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