A Saint in the City

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A Saint in the City

Previously on ER: Leon was keeping a gun for his thug friends, so Pratt ganked it and got caught with it at the hospital; meanwhile, the thugs stabbed Leon in his glorious, generous booty. Ed Asner showed up as a clinic doctor who doesn't take very good care of himself. Also, a nation mourned the Weavus.

We open the episode on The Lockhart Mistake, Part II: Pushily Pimping A Character's Family Problems. Dr. Greg "Arrogant Man With A Heart of Gold-Plated Coal" Pratt feverishly works to convince someone in the bowels of County General that Leon deserves a job there. The man isn't impressed, what with Leon's injured arm and the fact that his résumé is essentially whatever comes out of Pratt's mouth. "His cast will be off in three weeks," Pratt insists. "Cool, G! You said six before!" celebrates Leon. Pratt glares at him for this slip. The employer just seems amused. He then recognizes Pratt as one of County's doctors. "I'm an ER resident. All part of the County family," smarms Pratt. "I hate doctors," spits the employer. "You all think you're the queen of the damn Rose Parade." Pratt bristles. He doesn't want to talk about that episode of his life. He just doesn't. "I'm not a doctor," Leon points out helpfully. The employer cracks a smile. "He's not the sharpest nail in the box," he notes to Pratt. What a mean thing to say. Sadder still, Leon appears understand the crack. He's not even in the box. Pratt begs the man to give his brother a chance, though, and the man finally agrees to interview Leon -- alone. Pratt pulls Leon aside and whispers, "Make sure you tell him that you work real hard, okay?" Leon nods eagerly, then turns and follows his potential employer inside. "I work real hard," he says plaintively. Then he turns and gives Pratt a huge grin and a wave, leaving his brother shaking his head in disturbed affection.

Dr. John "The Effects of Gamma Rays On" Carter greets an inbound trauma patient named Jessie Callahan, who was hurt when a sand truck rolled over on Interstate 40. Except, as the forums cleverly pointed out, I-40 doesn't pass through Chicago. There are a ton of other freeways and expressways from which to choose, yet the writers went ahead and picked one that's totally inaccurate. A forty-to-one chance of being correct, and still they screw up. These writers would be the most doomed Russian Roulette players in the world. Anyway, Jessie has a bloody scalp laceration and she's dizzily calling for her husband Tom. Carter shouts out that the paramedics are working with him, and that Jessie needs to relax, stop trying to get in any more lines, and let them save her.

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