A Saint in the City

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A Saint in the City

Susan and Pratt counsel Doug about his mother -- evidently, the antibiotics still might not improve her chances. Adele is there, too, explaining that she's present to try and determine what's best for the moppets. She asks Doug point-blank if he's a good choice to be their guardian. "Probably not," he says, flustered. His eyes are teary. "So I should find someplace else for them to stay?" Adele presses. Pratt snaps. "Wait, you're not trying to keep them together?" he asks, bewildered. Adele leans back in her wheelchair, staring at Pratt with unmasked irritation. "Is this coming from you?" Pratt spits at Susan, who sighs that Doug clearly agrees that foster care is a better and safer option for Rachel and Marten. Pratt shouts that he knows foster care means the kids might get separated. Adele stresses that they try their hardest to make sure that won't happen. To Doug, Pratt says, "Know what that means? They're going to get split up." Pause. This is where Susan interrupts and tells Pratt to piss off. "Their mom's dying, and they're gonna be separated," Pratt continues. Pause. No, this must be where Susan grabs Pratt by the collar and screams at him to stop putting pressure on the punk. "Living with strangers!" Pratt yells. Wait -- do I see Susan dragging him out of the room by the ear? No? How can that be? "Is that what you want?" Pratt finishes, sheathed in a lovely dress knit together from the strands of his self-righteous anger. Susan sets the dress on fire and locks Pratt in a closet. Seriously, I know she's showing a remarkable lack of faith in Doug, which may or may not be justified, but she's not being nearly as aggressive as Pratt is. It's kind of inappropriate to rail on Doug the way he is -- Pratt should accept it if Doug's not ready to shoulder the load.

But, of course, Pratt would rather take well enough out to dinner and a movie than leave it alone. As Doug stalks mulishly out of the hospital, Pratt gives chase. "Your mom might die," he yells. "They love you, man!" Doug laughs hollowly and turns. "Right, the dumb stoner who makes them laugh," he spits. Well, sure. Pratt insists that Doug cares about them. "I can't take care of two kids!" he yells. Which is probably true. He looks as if he has trouble taking care of his piercings. "You'd be surprised at what you can do," Pratt says calmly. Doug reiterates that he can't do it. "Trust me. I know. You just need to step up," Pratt says, getting an anvil out of his pocket and trying to hang it from one of Doug's earrings. But it's misguided -- Pratt and Leon weren't druggies when Mrs. Pratt died, presumably, and so Leon was probably in a better place to take care of Pratt. Also, Pratt wasn't as young as Rachel and Marten are and could therefore be a bit more self-sufficient. But Pratt is determined to pollute the scene with anvils, so he keeps shaking them out from his trouser leg. "You never should've called me, all right?" Doug weeps. "My mom's right. They're all right!" Pratt urges him to make them wrong. Dodging the anvil being chucked at his ass, Doug screams, "I can't, all right?" He runs away. We fade to black wishing Pratt would stop presuming that he knows best all the time, because he's frequently wrong, and tiresome.

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