A Saint in the City

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A Saint in the City

Pratt is at the police station. A cop is explaining that Leon was brought in because of a stolen car that had a shotgun inside; Leon's pals have records, but Leon is clean, so they think he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nonetheless, he's in the slammer. The cop gives Pratt some time to chat with Leon, who sobs that he was just telling Dukey and the thug gang all about his new job. The cops came while he was sharing. Pratt can't believe he was with the guys who just stabbed him, but then changes tacks and makes Leon simply promise not to talk to anyone until they get him a lawyer. Innocently, Leon asks him to apologize to his boss and pass along the promise that he won't be late again. "You probably lost that job!" grieves Pratt. "You didn't show up!" Leon can't believe it. He cries, which is basically all he does, ever. Pratt promises to bail him out first thing in the morning. "I can't spend the night in here! I don't know these people!" bawls Leon. Pratt leaves, because he has to, while Leon clings to the prison bars and cries and cries, screaming Pratt's name and begging him not to leave.

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