A Saint in the City

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A Saint in the City

Chuny passes and wolf-whistles at Carter. "That's sexual harassment, isn't it?" he calls out. "You bet," she winks sassily. "I'm going to circulate a petition," Carter jokes. Chuny grins, because it's fun to make light of how she tried to besmirch Luka's record when he dumped her sorry butt. Although, actually, it was kind of funny, but also, go away, Chuny. Suddenly, Liz Torres wheels around the corner and reintroduces herself as Ed Asner's assistant at his clinic. She is worried that he's making himself sicker by working twelve-hour days, straight through the week, without anyone to cover for him so that he can go to County to get checked out. Luka interrupts with Tom, Jessie's husband, who has just shown up on a gurney. Tom wants his wife. "She's here, and she's stable," Carter calls out, promising to tell Jessie Tom's there. Liz begs Carter to come to the clinic and talk some sense into crazy old Ed. "What makes you think he'll listen to me?" Carter asks blithely. "He likes you," Liz insists. "He has a funny way of showing it," Carter laughs. "He's going to kill himself," Liz whines. Carter stops and suddenly things turn deadly serious. Oh, except that Liz isn't talking about suicide. She just thinks he'll run himself into the ground, and as she pleads with him one more time, Chuny interrupts that Jessie Callahan crashed on the CT table. This means, in layman's terms, "Buzz off, Liz."

Susan smacks the light board until it flickers on, so that she can look at a chest film with Pratt. They glumly deduce that their patient has pneumonia. "So much for an easy dispo," Susan sighs, ordering Pratt to call ICU because the woman's lungs are completely jacked. They saunter over to the woman, who is Jeanetta Arnette, formerly of Head of the Class. She's looking incredibly worn, with mussed hair, and her coughing is intense. "I've never had the flu this bad," she understates. Her two children, Marten and Rachel, are with her. They're kids; he can't be more than twelve, if that. Marten begs them to give his mom cough medicine. Susan's like, Um, riiiight. "We're giving her all the medicine we can," she says instead. Pratt shepherds the kids to the vending machines so that Susan can talk to Jeanetta alone.

Rachel wants to know how sick her mother is. "She has pneumonia," Pratt says. "It's a serious disease, but we're doing everything we can." Marten whispers that they should call Doug, and for one brief, blissful second, all the women in this show's viewership -- and hell, probably almost all of the men, because he's that hot -- pray that they're referring to Doug Ross. But no. Nobody is that fortunate. Pratt's ears perk up, since he's well programmed to root out opportunities to meddle. "He's our brother," Marten says. "He's twenty." Rachel pipes up with awe, "He has, like, fifty earrings." And apparently, elephantitis of the ears.

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