A Shot In The Dark

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A Shot In The Dark

Luka meets with Alex's principal in the darkest office ever. I know schools are suffering from budget cuts, but could they not pay the electric bill? The principal explains that he doesn't think this is a big deal, but that "the school board has a zero-tolerance approach to what they consider pornographic." Luka is shocked, so the principal holds up a copy of Maxim and says that Alex brought it to school to show the other kids. Luka stifles a giggle. The principal points out Luka's name on the mailing label ["ew, Luka subscribes to Maxim? Now I like him a lot less. I'd still French him, though" -- Wing Chun], and asks if Luka's the stepfather. Luka says he is not, exactly. The principal asks if Luka takes an active role in child-rearing. Luka says that he drives Alex around and plays sports with him. Luka says he's been living with Alex and his mom, but then admits that they've only been doing so for about a week. I refuse to believe that this is the worst home situation the principal has ever heard about. Yes, Luka needs to consider exactly what role he plans to play in Alex's life, but come on. The principal is acting all shocked and disapproving.

Shane buys Arlo a hot chocolate from the Roach Coach. Arlo apologizes for his mom's freakout. Shane asks if Arlo is okay making decisions for his dad. Arlo says that, last year, he was afraid to ask some girl to the prom, but that his dad convinced him to take a chance. Shane smirks that Eddie sounds pretty cool. Arlo is convinced that his dad would want the risk of surgery. Shane says that they can make that happen. Arlo is worried that his mom will freak out, and Shane assures Arlo that it's his decision, and promises to back him up. Arlo looks incredibly relieved that Shane will be there for him. Not for long!

Chuny wheels in a patient. It's the nephew-wrestler that Pratt treated this morning. Chen yells for someone to find Pratt. The patient explains that he got dizzy a few hours ago, but that he didn't come back because Pratt said it wasn't serious. They wheel the patient in to a room and prep for an ultrasound. Pratt walks in, and Chen bitches that he sent home an unstable patient. She barely touches the ultrasound to the patient's belly before discovering that he has a lacerated spleen. She calls Pratt to the side and looks at the chart, realizing that she signed off on him. Pratt says that it didn't seem serious, and that the guy didn't mention belly pain. Chen asks if Pratt even checked a crit, and Pratt points out that it would have been normal. Chen checks the chart again and notices that the patient had shoulder pain. She explains to Pratt that free blood irritates the diaphragm and causes shoulder pain. She accuses him of missing it. Pratt turns it around and says that Chen missed it because she was too tired to examine the patient properly before signing off. Chen has no response to that one.

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