A Shot In The Dark

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A Shot In The Dark

Carter and Wendall walk out of the gym. Wendall says that Carter is welcome to join her in rock climbing any time, and they banter about her ex, the attendant. Wendall asks if Carter's hungry, and Carter says he's not. Wendall practically begs him to join her. They walk outside and try to decide what kind of food to get. Carter wants pizza, but Wendall complains that it has too many carbs. Oh, live a little. It's not like he invited you to eat at the White Bread and Potato Palace. Although that would probably be my new favorite restaurant. Wendall picks up the one remaining phone book from the one remaining pay phone in Chicago and tells Carter to close his eyes and pick a place. Carter is doubtful, but plays along. Carter picks Uncle Vito's Mongolian Barbecue. Wendall isn't happy with the choice. Are you kidding? Mongolian Barbecue is awesome! You bring up a bowl of meat and they fry it up using giant sticks. It's make-your-own stir fry! Plus, Wendall can avoid carbs. Everyone wins. Carter convinces her to go through with it, and they take off. Wendall hopes they have tofu. Well, they did at the one I used to go to in Ann Arbor. Not that I ever ate it.

Neela finds Backseat Cop and says they're moving Eddie up to the ICU. Backseat thanks her. Neela sees Arlo walking out and chases after him. The Ex stops her and says it's fine. Neela thinks that Arlo looked upset, and The Ex promises that he'll get over it. Neela thinks about talking to him, but The Ex says that Arlo gets too emotional, and that there's no talking to him. The unspoken sentiment here is that The Ex knows that if Neela talks to Arlo, he might start insisting on the surgery again. Neela asks if they want to think about it some more, but The Ex has made up her mind, and says that Arlo is too confused. Neela says that she heard him express a strong opinion more than once. The Ex says they both know it was the wrong choice, and that Arlo was hoping for something that would never happen. She thanks Neela for her help. Neela isn't sure she helped. The Ex says Neela did the right thing by letting them work it out together. Neela doesn't look convinced.

Alex reads a comic book in bed. Looks like the only lamp in the place is in his room. Luka knocks and walks in. He sits down and brings up the subject of school, and stammers as he asks if Alex has any questions about what his friend was doing. Alex is all, "Spanking the monkey?" Luka says it's normal, but that you shouldn't do it at school. Alex asks, "You think I'm stupid?" Well, now that you ask. Luka says that the issue can be confusing, and that Alex can talk to Luka about these things. Alex mulls it over for two seconds and agrees. He goes back to his comic book. Luka wishes him good night. I think it's interesting that the writers didn't show us if Luka volunteered for that job, or if Sam asked him to do it. I think it would have told us a lot about where they are in their relationship if we knew. Oh well. I think we're also supposed to assume that Alex is totally okay with Luka's taking a fatherly role in his life.

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