A Shot In The Dark

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A Shot In The Dark

Neela gets out of a taxi on a street somewhere. She marches up to Shane, who is standing outside a club talking to some guy, and asks how he could just leave like that, because he abandoned Arlo. Shane protests that his shift was over, and that he signed out his cases. Neela says that the case got complicated. Shane can't believe that it got complicated, because Arlo knew what he wanted. Neela breaks the news that Eddie isn't having the surgery, because Arlo got pressure from his mom. Shane turns it around and says that Arlo just needed a little handholding, which Neela should have been able to provide. He conveniently forgets that he signed the case out to Abby, so Neela didn't need to provide jack shit. Neela launches into an awesome tirade: "Don't turn this around on me. You promised to help him. It's not my job, or anyone else's, to keep your promises. He was counting on you." Shane protests that his shift was over and he had a gig. Neela yells, "Screw your gig. Medicine isn't a day job." Shane points out that Neela was selling hot dogs three months ago, which doesn't even make sense, because it's not like she was selling hot dogs and also working in the hospital. Shut up, Shane. Neela says that she and Abby were both off at the same time as Shane, but that they stayed and took care of their patients. Shane says that they would never leave the hospital if they tucked in every patient. Neela spits, "I'm not talking about every patient. I'm talking about one kid. It was the most important decision of his life. He trusted you! And you left." Neela turns and walks back to her cab, leaving Shane there to stew in his jackassery. Awesome.

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