A Shot In The Dark

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A Shot In The Dark

Sam walks into Trauma Yellow with two bags of blood for Eddie, the wounded cop. There's a huge crowd of cops congregating outside the room. Neela says that the bullet missed the spinal cord and the trachea, and Backseat Cop -- who is still standing right there, totally in the way -- says that's good. Sam tells Susan that the Eddie's sats aren't so hot, and Susan says that he needs intubation. Shane steps up as Susan explains the procedure. Neela orders the necessary drugs. Eddie asks if they got the perp, and Driver Cop says that the perp took two bullets to the chest. Susan asks what happened, and Driver Cop explains that it was a convenience-store holdup, and that they chased the guy into an apartment building, where he started shooting out the window. Shane can't intubate because there's too much blood in the throat. Susan offers to take over, and Shane says he can do it. Neela notices a wound on Backseat Cop's hand and asks if he cut himself. He says it's nothing, but Neela encourages him to get it looked at.

Susan says that Shane can have one more chance at intubation. Shane fails because he can't see the cords. Neela offers to try, and Driver Cop thinks Susan should try. Should the other two cops really be in there? Shane wants to perform a tracheotomy. Susan asks for the trach light, and no one understands what she's going to do. The cops get nervous and ask who's in charge of this thing. Susan says that she is, and that they can only stay if they're quiet. I love Susan In Charge. I want Susan in charge of my days and my nights. Not in the dirty way. Susan inserts the light into Eddie's throat and asks for the lights to be turned off. She can see the light through Eddie's neck. Shane still thinks they should be prepping the neck, but Susan ignores him and completes the intubation successfully. Sam is impressed. Shane suggests another procedure, which Susan okays. Sam manages to get a dig in by suggesting that Shane has tiny hands. I guess that's a dig. Frankly, I expect better from Sam.

Another cop shows a lady into the room and introduces her as Eddie's fiancée, Mallory. She starts crying. Susan says that Eddie is doing okay, although he's sedated. Susan encourages Mallory to sit with Eddie and holds his hand.

Pratt examines a guy who got a booboo while wrestling with his nephew. He has a sore shoulder and ribs. Pratt thinks it's just a bruise to the ribs and a strained shoulder. After a perfunctory exam, Pratt promises to have the nurse bring the discharge papers as he walks off and meets Chen walking in. Chen complains that her alarm didn't go off. Pratt asks if she's okay, because she looks exhausted. She insists that she's fine, and Pratt offers to let her discharge his patient. Chen asks for five minutes first. Man, it's a good thing they brought Ming-Na back to the show, since she's had so many interesting and exciting scenes lately. Except for the "interesting and exciting" part. I mean, I guess the car crash was sort of exciting, but the fact that it was Chen in the car, and not Abby or Carter or Sam or someone, didn't really add anything to the storyline.

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