A Shot In The Dark

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A Shot In The Dark

Abby tells Jordan's mom that the labs are fine. Mom wants to leave, but they hear Jordan crying from inside the room, so they rush in. Jordan says that her side hurts, and points to her appendix. Abby promises some pain relief, and tells Mom that she needs to run some more tests. Mom is pissed that Abby said it wasn't serious, and Abby says that sometimes appendicitis presents as stomach flu, and that she'd like to get a surgical consult. Mom says that Jordan can't have surgery at County. Abby assures her that it's a simple procedure. Mom wants Abby's word that she won't do surgery without consent, because she needs to talk to her husband first. Abby says that they should take one step at a time, and that she'll run more tests while Mom talks to Dad.

Abby runs into Shane in the hallway as he bursts through the crowd of cops outside Trauma Yellow. He bitches about Susan taking away the intubation procedure (because he was doing such a bang-up job), and says that Eddie is stable. Shane wants to know what's in Abby's hands, as he makes sure she's not hiding a flu shot. She says that she didn't promise to give him the shot. Pratt runs through, asking if they've seen Chen, which they haven't. Shane asks Abby if she has plans for New Year's Eve, and she says that he's not her type. Shane laughs that his band has a gig, and he wants to know if she'll work his shift. Abby scoffs, and Shane says that, this way, she won't have to "go to a square dance by [herself]." That doesn't even make sense. Abby says she'll do it if he gives a med-student lecture for her in January, and they have a deal. So Shane got out of working the two major winter holidays. Nice work. Until Abby and Neela converse and discover what Shane's done, and get more pissed off than usual.

A cop asks Carter whether the perp that shot Eddie has come into the ER yet. Carter says that they don't have any news, and the cop says they'll be with Eddie's family, so that they can be notified when the perp arrives. Abby rushes up and gives Carter the bullet on Jordan, which Carter immediately diagnoses as a rule-out appy. As they talk, a woman walks through with a miniature horse. Abby gives them a look like, "The hell?" Carter missed it.

Pratt finds Chen crashed out on the couch in the lounge, so he wakes her up. She apologizes and says that she was waiting for the coffee to brew. They need Stop and Serve, or Pause and Sip, or whatever my coffeemaker has that lets me pour a cup while it's brewing. Pratt asks if she's okay to work, and she says that she is, so he explains his nephew-wrestling case. Chen barely glances at the chart before signing off on it. Pratt asks if she wants to see the patient, and Chen says that she trusts him. Bad move. And she of all people should know that by now. Pratt asks after her father, and Chen says that he has a nurse sixteen hours a day, and then she cares for him alone all night. Malik bursts in and says that the perp from the cop shooting is coming in. Chen sighs and stomps out. Yeah, stupid people getting hurt and taking her away from her nap.

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