A Simple Twist of Fate

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A Simple Twist of Fate

Mark trails Elizabeth. "I'm not choosing between my two daughters!" he protests. "You don't have to!" Elizabeth yells. "I'm choosing for you." Mark tells her back that this is a shitty lesson to teach the demon fruit of his loins. He grabs Elizabeth by the elbow to turn her around and wails that he doesn't understand what kicking out Rachel will prove. "That she needs to take responsibility!" Elizabeth screams, violently freeing herself from his grip. "That what she does has very real consequences for people besides herself!" And how, exactly, would exile teach that? It seems to me that Rachel would be the only one paying consequences for her actions. Also, it's not as if she didn't confess; she took responsibility for what she did, she just didn't act responsibly enough to prevent it from happening. I'm not trying to defend the repellent brat, but I do think that Elizabeth's approaching the punishment completely the wrong way. As a parent herself, she should have some empathy for how hard it is to love your child and be irate and disillusioned with her at the same time. Mark's convinced Rachel will tread carefully now. "Either she's out of the house by the time I take that baby home, or I'm not taking that baby home," Elizabeth challenges him. She whirls again and he grabs her. "[Ella's] my CHILD, Mark!" bellows Elizabeth tearfully. "I know that," he breathes. "She's mine, too." Or is she? No, just kidding -- I'm sure she is. I just prefer to believe she was immaculately conceived somehow, because Mark is about as sexual as my high-school yearbook. Anyway, Elizabeth shoves her weak husband and spits, "Then start acting like it!" As she storms away near tears, Mark tenses and then throws something in frustration. Elizabeth, in her fierce protectiveness of her child, can't seem to grasp that Mark might feel just as fiercely about Rachel, his child. She's also a hypocrite, in a way. What a nasty woman. I get so tired of watching Mark be unable to defend himself against her.

Abby walks in on Joyce trying to dodge questions from the cops. She's irate that Abby called them. "He fractured your face," Abby says plainly. "No, no he didn't," lies Joyce for the benefit of Officer Truncheon and Detective What's All This, Then. Abby unwaveringly tips them off to Brian's usual hangouts -- the University, the apartment complex, and The Windbreaker at Fourth and Ashland. Luka listens with interest as Joyce frantically begs Abby to stop all this. "Call if he comes again," Officer Nightstick says pleasantly as the cops quit the room. "He was here?" shrieks Joyce. Abby tries to quiet her as Luka explains Joyce will be safer if they put her in a shelter. "What if you have a kid with him?" levels Abby. "This is what you want for your children -- you want him to beat them?" Joyce whines that Brian wouldn't dare. "Wake up, Joyce!" blurts Abby, exasperated. "This is it. This is your chance to get away." Joyce cocks her head, appearing to listen as Abby continues that the good times mean little if the bad times involve broken bones and bloody noses. "If you go back now, you're telling him it is okay to do this to you, and it is not okay," Abby finishes. Luka appreciates this in an extremely good-looking way. "It's not okay!" Abby repeats, gently this time, as Joyce succumbs to her logic.

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