A Simple Twist of Fate

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A Simple Twist of Fate

When Susan bursts into the exam room, Luka is already helping Abby, checking her eyes. This makes me angry. Susan and Abby have no history together, except for a thinly sketched mutual interest in Carter. Luka and Abby had a relationship, wherein bodily fluids were shared and sharing an apartment was briefly discussed, and yet we're cheated out of seeing his reaction to his ex's badly beaten face. That's the scene I wanted -- that's the emotional moment I wanted to see, rather than Susan's reaction which I don't care about, and I'm feeling really ripped off right now. And no, it's not just because Luka's hot and deserves more screen time -- although now that you mention it, Hot Luka crying would be so very tasty. At least we might still see Carter hear the news. Anyway, Susan gloves up while Abby fills them in on the details. "My neighbor's pissed because I sent his wife to a battered women's shelter," she says flatly, full of bravado. Luka connects that her neighbor is the guy who showed up at the hospital earlier. "So he knows where you live?" Luka quizzes. Oh, honey, you were doing so well, and now suddenly your synapses are on a plane back to Bosnia. He's her neighbor and he beat her up in her apartment. But bless him for being worried. Susan completes her scientific prodding and establishes that Abby's innards appear intact. Squirming and self-conscious at all this attention, Abby uncomfortably requests a gown. Luka turns away and tries prescribing morphine or Vicodin, but Abby staunchly insists that Tylenol is sufficient. I can't tell if she's somehow worried about the effects of using heavy-duty painkillers (see: Carter, plus her own addictive tendencies) or if she's trying to downplay the severity of her injuries. Susan notices a contusion on Abby's thigh. His back to them, his face pointed at us (yay!), Luka tenses. "She got kicked?" he chokes. Abby shrugs that she's not sure. Susan demands a rape kit even though Abby vehemently denies the possibility that Brian sexually violated her. Luka, still facing the camera, is desperately trying not to flip his lid. Abby stares morosely into space, the bridge of her nose sporting the crustiest purple bruise-welt I've ever seen.

Mark rocks Rubberella in the PICU, and I must say, he appears damned crabby about it. He's all, "She smells like tires!" Elizabeth enters quietly. "Did she eat?" she asks. "She passed out," Mark replies. "Have you?" Mark has neither passed out nor eaten. "Go, I'll take her," Elizabeth says gracelessly. Mark wants to talk, but Elizabeth puts her foot down all over his spinal cord and refuses to say one more word about the evil cocktail of genetics and adolescence that's brooding at home. She sits down with Rubberella, and Mark turns briskly and exits, saying nothing and barely looking at his wife. Elizabeth stares emptily after him.

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