A Simple Twist of Fate

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A Simple Twist of Fate

Mickey, The Little Leukemia Boy That Could, grimaces his way through a spinal tap. Carter watches but does not assist, choosing instead to clench the boy's hand. Cut to Mickey's other hand, which is getting a whopping case of frostbite from Eleanor. Oh sure, she's squeezing it "warmly," but there's only so much heat a subzero organism can generate. Except, oh, they're giving Mickey strength, and giving each other strength, and nodding, and being there, and sucking the marrow out of life. Wow -- either Mickey is toast, or Eleanor is going to adopt him and he'll be Dennis the Menace to Rachel's...Rachel.

Mark hops into the MRI machine and is shot back into the very confining tube for his test. I wish I could tell whether these close-ups are stock footage from last time. There's a creepy-ass shot of Mark lying down, with some manner of mirror reflecting his eyes so that they're staring right at us even though he's prone. It's even more nightmarish than when his skull made love to the paper-towel machine. MRICam shows Mark looking emotionless. We fade to black on a shot of his glasses and his wedding ring sitting on a table. And so we can probably look forward to a very touching episode in which he gets divorced and goes blind.

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