A Thousand Cranes

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A Thousand Cranes

A waiter at a ritzy, empty restaurant clears Abby and Carter's dinner plates. She leans forward. "Are you going to tell me what this is all about?" she asks, suspiciously. Carter pretends it's because they had a rough day and he thought they deserved a true break. Abby doesn't buy this for a second, and seems mischievously excited. "So you think this is a keeper?" Carter asks abruptly. "The restaurant?" Abby asks, confused. He shakes his head. "Us," he says. "You and me." She blinks, possibly because she can't believe how unromantic that statement was. I'm not sure what she was expecting, though, considering that his other grand romantic gestures involved either quarantine or an outburst on the hospital roof. "Are you okay?" she asks, squinting. Carter leans back in his seat and spits out the absolute dregs of his romantic urges. "I've spent a long time looking for a relationship that would stick," he says. "Sometimes it was the wrong person, sometimes I guess I wasn't ready. Or in the right place. But I think I am now. I really think I am now." Note that he doesn't say, "And I really think you're the right person." He just says he's in the right place. Abby gazes at him expectantly. "Are you?" he asks. Rolling her eyes a tiny bit, Abby opens her mouth. "I really want this to stick," he interrupts. What is she, a pan of brownies? Abby leans forward a bit more. "Me too," she says, earnestly. Carter beams and reaches into his pocket. "I know that, uh, we've had a rough time, and that there's still a lot of stuff we have to get through," he adds. "But I think we're doing okay. I think that we're..." he laughs. "We're growing, we're...changing." With this, he shoots her a pointed look. "Do you?" he asks, a centimeter from whipping out the ring, but waiting to make absolutely sure she passes the test. "I don't know if people ever really change," Abby says, confused. "But I know what you mean." Carter's face falls. "You do?" he asks. "I think I do," she says, now looking a tiny bit perplexed. Carter jolts into action, sliding the ring box back into his pocket. "Mmm-hmm," he says. "Well, let's see what's for dessert." Abby bites her lip. "That's it?" she asks. "You bought out this whole place just for that?" She purses her lips so completely that she actually lets out a quack and lays an egg. "That...and the chocolate soufflé," he says, aiming for breezy and missing badly. The camera pulls away as he hands her a menu, and Abby is left wondering what the hell Carter smoked this afternoon, and why he's bogarting it.

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