A Thousand Cranes

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A Thousand Cranes

Their glorious conversation about peckerwoods stops when Chen and Luka enter Doc Magoo's. It's silent and empty. They tiptoe inside gingerly until they see a dead man slumped in a booth. "Gray matter. No pulse," Luka says after a quick examination. "We should get the police!" But Detective Chen has wandered behind the counter, where she spies footprints on the linoleum. Rather than leave and wait until the cops have cleared the place of perps, she follows the Yellow Brick Road straight back to the deep freezer. "Good Vibrations" is playing on the jukebox -- well, presumably; that, or the music supervisor has a sick sense of humor. Chen stops short when she sees blood seeping out under the door. Luka appears next to her, and they both decide that the smartest thing is to open the freezer door rather than flee. Somebody make them memorize the Workplace Common Sense Manual, please. Chilling inside the freezer are two bodies, both blood-caked. One suffered a gunshot wound to the head, and the other has an exit wound near the spine. A woman moans. "Trina! Oh, my God," Chen panics. Luka notes that she's breathing and orders Chen to get help. We roll into the credits kinda wishing we'd known Trina so that we could be as sad as Chen seems to be.

Maggie makes coffee in Abby's kitchen. She babbles to her daughter about the Rileys, a family the kids used to stay with way back in the day; the implication is that they're the people who helped out when Maggie wasn't doing as well mentally, but neither Maggie nor Abby says quite as much. Maggie wonders if Eric might've gone there. "Maybe," Abby says with a small smile. Maggie starts to reminisce and ends up almost in tears. "He'll be okay, Mom," Abby says gently. "I know," Maggie says. Abby nods at her. Silence. "I should pack," Maggie says. Abby stares at her for a second; her pager breaks the quiet. "Is that John?" Maggie asks. Abby bites her lip. Clearly, she has to think for a second about who this mysterious "John" is, but eventually she remembers he's the pasty lug she's supposed to love. "No, it's work," Abby says. "But guess what? He asked me to marry him." Then she leaps out of her seat to grab the phone, as if she hadn't just said anything important. Maggie's jaw drops with joy. Abby actually smiles, but she insists that Carter didn't really mean it. "We were on the roof, and it was freezing, and there was a helicopter flying around and he was kind of...shouting it at me," she says with a private grin. Looks like Carter might've gotten it a bit more right than he thought. The look on her face is one of a woman who's cherishing the weird and wild memory. She tucks her hair behind her ear as she dials. "Every girl's dream," she giggles. Maggie impatiently and happily asks what Abby said. "Nothing," she replies. "He didn't really mean it. It was just...something that happened." Wait -- suddenly this turned into self-pity, or something. She has such a knack for that.

Abby gets through to the hospital and gasps. "Oh my God. Was anybody there? ...No, from the ER," she clarifies. Silence. "Okay. I'll be right in," Abby says, hanging up. Awkwardly, she grabs her stuff and promises to drive Maggie to the bus station later. Left alone, Maggie clears the table, and something akin to loneliness washes over her face. She seems lost. She's not sure when her Emmy clip is coming, and time seems to be running out. Abby suddenly reappears. "Or, you could stay a few more days," she suggests, trying not to sound hopeful. Maggie swivels; she clearly wants to stay, but instead she unenthusiastically says that she needs to get back to work. Smoke rises from her pants. "[You could] be here waiting in case he shows up," Abby tempts her. Maggie fixes a too-bright smile to her face. "What if he shows up in Minnesota?" she counters. Abby exhales hard and then nods. "You're right," she says, leaving. Maggie looks sad again. Lord, you people have issues.

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