A Thousand Cranes

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A Thousand Cranes

Maggie shows up at the hospital and tells Abby that she got hold of the Riley family, and that Abby will hear from them if Eric shows up there. "Okay," Abby says tolerantly. Chuny dumps an assignment into her lap. Abby tries to make lunch plans with Maggie, but she gets sidelined with another emergency, so Maggie brave-little-soldiers that she can catch a cab to the bus station. Abby apologizes to her. "I'll call you when I get home," Maggie calls out, trying to keep he composure. But she looks lost and lonely. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her, given that she could totally stay and has indeed been invited to stay. She looks hurt and wounded and alone, all of which are sort of her own fault. Wet-eyed, Maggie grabs her suitcase and stalks out of the ER. Carter watches her. Then he remembers that the script says he's supposed to follow her, and he curses his bad luck, because he still hasn't recovered from that nasty time in Season Seven when Sally Field chowed down on all the scenery in sight and tragically mistook him for a prop tree.

As Maggie heads for the El, she covers her face and weeps. Carter gives chase. "Nurses shortage, you know?" he offers, as if he wasn't responsible for the firing of three senior nurses. Man, they followed up on that storyline about as well as I follow rules of nutrition. And to clarify my point, I am currently surrounded by cookies. Carter stops short when he notices that Maggie is blubbering, and offers her a handkerchief. She sniffles that she's sorry for the outburst, but she just wanted so badly to have Eric and Abby together, because it's been...oh, several episodes now since they all breathed the same air. "Abby and I were getting along so well," she sobs. Carter points out that Abby would be thrilled to have Maggie stay longer, which is such a bizarre role reversal. I guess when you tell Abby that she's right, suddenly you're golden in her eyes. If Maggie had kowtowed to her sooner, we might've been spared this entire storyline. Maggie hands him the handkerchief and dolefully says, "I can catch a cab out here, right?" Carter insists that he'll be free in a few minutes to drive her to the station himself.

Luka unceremoniously enters Dr. Meyers's office, but doesn't sit down. "What brings you here?" Meyers asks pleasantly. "Dr. Weaver," Luka sighs. "She told me to come." Meyers shrinks that perhaps Luka should talk about why he thinks Weaver wanted to meet with him. Luka's like, Up yours, Miss Cleo. You should be able to tell me. "You're a doctor," Luka shrugs. "Someone comes to me with a problem, I tell them how to fix it." Then he takes a swig of his delicious, cold, sweet, and sassily fizzy Coke, defiantly not having it with a smile. "Let's start with you telling me..." Meyers begins. "My problem?" Luka smirks. He sets his jaw, adopts a "be careful what you wish for" stance, and begins. "My family died during the war in Croatia," he says with a defiant twinkle in his eye. "So I came to America. I had a relationship with someone I cared about which I then ruined, so I started to look for the answers in the wrong places, like sex, drinking, driving fast. I killed a patient I should've saved, and then I almost killed a med student in a car crash." So, he ruined his relationship with Abby? What about when he was all, "Let's move in together," and she totally shut him down and shut him out and then started acting like a giant bitch to him? Sigh. He screwed up too, but I don't get this revisionist Abby-did-nothing stance. For his part, Meyers stares at Luka, lost. They're at the Fair and Luka's throwing softballs right at the dunk-tank target, drenching Meyers in his own incompetence. "So I woke up one morning, and everything I thought I had was gone," Luka finishes. The fuck-you-and-your-couch gleam in his eye fades. "Gone, or broken," he whispers. Then he steels himself again and cocks an eyebrow at Meyers. "So what do you have for that?" he asks. Meyers stutters and mutters and mumbles something, still cowed by his own gross inadequacies as a therapist and as an actor. "Yeah, that's what I thought," Luka smiles emptily. "I should get back to work. Tell Weaver I showed up." As he exits, we fade to black wondering whether he'd consider switching to Diet Coke, and also drinking it out of my mouth.

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