Abby Road

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Abby Road

Back at the bed of Mr. Barnes, Dr. Dave tells Lisa to administer Compazine, run a litre of saline through, and check his electrolytes. Lisa asks, "Can't you get a nurse to do that?" Dr. Dave says, "Rumour has it you used to be a nurse." Gee, I wonder who started that rumour (cough CAROL HATHAWAY cough)? Lisa says that while that's true, that's not why she's in the ER. Dr. Dave arrogantly says, "You're absolutely right. You're here to learn. And this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to check his stool for fecal leucocytes. Thanks." Dr. Dave books before Lisa can tear him a new fecal leucocyte. She watches him go, looking incredulous but resigned.

Lucy locates Mr. Clayton; Conni has set him up in a bed with an oxygen mask over his face. Lucy explains to him that the flu has impaired his breathing. He says something inaudible, and she takes the mask off so that he can tell her, "It ain't just the flu." She says that he's right -- that he also has congestive heart failure, and that they'll need to intubate him. He refuses, politely. She asks if he has someone she can call. He says that all his friends are homeless -- "no phones" -- and when she asks after family, he says he has none. She tells him again that he should go on a ventilator, and he says, "And why would I take medical advice from a girl who doesn't know enough to PUT her hair UP?" Okay, he doesn't. He says, "No. Thank you. Always hoped I might die in a warm bed with clean sheets, if it's all the same to you." She places the mask back over his face.

The films are back on Connor and it seems that he has "non-specific bowel gas pattern." Mrs. Connor says, "So it's not another adhesion?" Apparently not. Carol comes in to announce that the blood gas is back, and reads off some numbers that Mrs. Connor divines add up to "respiratory alkalosis," and Luka says that it is, partly, but it's also, "an acidosis. It's complicated." Carol asks whether Mrs. Connor's a nurse, and she says that she's just read "every book and every internet article on chalasia." Luka asks whether, the last time she brought Connor to the hospital, they did an "upper GI" on him. She says they did, six months ago, because they thought he might have a gastric outlet blockage. Realizing the extended implications of the question, she asks, "You're not going to have to do that again, are you?" Luka tells her it's the only way to rule out an obstruction. She says that the last time it was terrible; he couldn't swallow the barium, they had a hard time getting the tube down his throat, and so on.

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