Abby Road

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Abby Road

Darnell is continuing to hold his hard line against Carter, who shows up carrying a product-placed blue iBook. Carter puts the computer in front of Darnell and suggests that the problems he's having at school might be related to the troubles he's having with his motor skills, and that working on a computer might help him to keep up with the other kids. Darnell brats that his school is "full of losers," and bats the iBook onto the floor, sarcastically saying, "Oops." Carter busts out the tough love, asking Darnell if he feels better, and whether he wants to smash something else. Darnell starts pushing things around and knocking other things over, and Carter goads him: "Is that the best you can do?" To distill an unnecessarily long, hackneyed scene into a slightly shorter summary, Carter and Darnell smash up the joint, and then Carter hands Darnell a pad and paper and asks Darnell to write his name. Darnell awkwardly grips the pen, but then hands both implements back to Carter because he's tired of people trying to help him, and he can do things for himself. Then he starts crying about how humiliating his MD is. Oh, do you feel like a big man now, John? Carter agrees with Darnell that he is not, in fact, a baby, and says he's going to go get Mrs. Henry, but that while he's gone, Darnell should clean the room up. Darnell tearfully agrees. The hell? Well, whatever.

Glark: And so, Janitor Boy was born.

Luka seems to be doing that upper GI thing to Connor as Mrs. Connor soothes the baby. Carol comes in to call Luka away. He protests that he has to "give the contrast," but she tells him it will only take a second, so he interrupts the procedure to join her in the hall, where she informs him that she tried to contact Connor's pediatrician, but that he doesn't have one, which is odd for a child as sick as Connor is. She called around, and found out that Connor has been admitted to the ERs of all the other area hospitals multiple times, and has had multiple laporotomies. Luka patiently tells her that he knows, and has seen the scars. Carol explains that the reason it's odd is that he's only ever really needed surgery once.

Wing Chun: Munchausen by Proxy, much?
Sars: Again, much?

As usual, we're both right. Carol suspects that Mrs. Connor is intentionally inducing Connor's symptoms. Luka is skeptical, and says that Carol can't make accusations like that without proof. She asks him what will happen when Connor's upper GI is negative -- whether Luka will then admit Connor for exploratory surgery. Luka demurs, and tells her he'll consider the Bad Mom possibility.

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